How Influencers are impressing with Fake Life

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so many platforms had different objectives when they were initially launched. Today, they serve a much common purpose: Hub of Content Creators. Common People with no such background of Media have now joined these platforms to portray whatever they want through the Camera Lens. This has led to a rise in Vloggers and Content Creators who create travelogues, personal life vlogs, different subject contents, game streams etc.

While some content creators have authentic stuff in their record, other creators post stuff that seems as it is real but the concept behind it is fake i.e. they create a fake reality. It seems pretty much real when the followers see it and react to it. These influencers do such stunt out of competition, to gather views or to increase the sale of the product they are marketing.


Influencers apply various ways through which they portray such life which depends on the content they are creating:

  1. Tech Review:

Many influencers get a chance to review a product by respective companies: Phone, Laptop, Gadget etc. They review the product as such that they themselves are using it in their real life and they pretty much love it. Although the reality behind is that they give back the product to the company that gave them the opportunity.

  • Rich Influence:

Influencers tend to post pictures with such background which make the viewers believe that the influencer is actually really rich, However, in reality, the content creator actually uses different graphic designing software to edit such pictures through Green Screen and other tools.

  • Pranks:

Pranks are the most unrealistic thing on the internet. The influencers seem to portray that pranks are real. They show them in such a way that the person who gets pranked doesn’t know of it. In reality, though the pranks are all scripted and everyone on reel knows what is going to happen – fake reactions.

  • Daily Lifestyle:

Some influencers post video daily about different happenings in their daily routine. Most of the stuff is fake since it is all planned and scripted.

Producing a natural content can get the influencers channel down in minutes. Not all natural lives are exciting and full of fun. Thus these influencers make a fake reality to make people laugh, to entertain them and to earn money through it.

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