10 Best Looking Male Celebrities in Pakistan

Pakistani Men are famous all around the world for their good looks. One can find the best models and artist here. As much as they conquer the hearts of the audience through their gig, they also get to be the heartthrob of most of them due to their charming personality. The Dummy Media has gathered a list of 10 Best Looking Male Celebrities in no particular order.

  • Muneeb Butt:

Age: 28 Years

Muneeb Butt is a sensation. The model and actor have gained fame through his good looks and clothing style. Although a father to a child right now, he still hasn’t lost a cent of his handsomeness

Source: Pakistani Drama Celebrities
  • Subhan Awan:

Age: 24 Years

The newcomer has been making waves since his shoot in Almirah. Now he gets hired mostly due to his good looks and hunky profile.

Source: Social Diary
  • Hasnain Lehri:

Age: 31 Years

A leading model with impressive looks. He is an attractive personality with photoshoots that go viral on the internet real soon.

Source: Reviewit.pk
  • Usman Mukhtar:

Age: 35 Years

Another rising talent on the list. He has made recognition on-screen through various roles he performed on screen. His Instagram profile is really engaging and attracts lots of viewers to him. Also, his dashing looks aren’t look over.

Source: Daily Times
  • Ahmed Ali Akber:

Age: 38 Years

This self-made man came a long way. A former tennis star and now an established celebrity on screen. Ahmed has maintained a good profile on media and his engaging looks never let you ignore him on social media.

Source: OyeYeah
  • Usama Khan:

Age: 28

A rising talent, Usama has impressed the audience with his acting in the few roles that he got. Usama’s robust and sharp personality didn’t refrain us to add him to this list.

Source: Wikipedia
  • Emmad Irfani:

Age: 40

40 doesn’t make him out of the list, His regular, pleasing and well-defined features have made him one of the most handsome personality in Pakistan.

Source: The Express Tribune
  • Ali Zafar:

Age: 40 year

Ali Zafar is a household name in Pakistan. His charming personality and clean-cut facial appearance have always been a talk of the town. He was listed globally as well as a Handsome Personality

Source: Ali Zafar Facebook Page
  • Ameer Gilani

Ameer is a young talented actor who has rocked the Television through his sleek hairstyle and cute looks in Sabaat. Lean fit body style and a visible sharp chin line definitely add him up among Handsome Men in Pakistan

Source: ReviewIt
  • Shehryar Munawar:

Age: 32

Another established personality. His recent photoshoot has made rounds on the internet. His style and expressions not only make girls drool over him but also make guys copy his style.

Source: Facebook

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