Celebrities who got corona Virus

Corona virus has spread at the speed of light and while the world has closed down due to corona, some of the Pakistani shows and shoots were still going on till the end which eventually made some of the celebrities covid positive.

We see that many of them keep on spreading the message to wear masks and take care of the SOPs while some of them even after following all the SOPs didn’t get saved from getting corona.

Some of these celebrities are :

  1. Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz

Nida Yasir is known for the host who is the most controversial for her blunt attitude and addressing even the most serious issues. She continued to do her morning shoot even in lockdown when corona was it at its peak, the world was scared but not she. During her makeup competition in her show, she was tested positive for Corona and not just she, she took the virus home as well. Her husband Yasir also got positive and they both completed the isolation period together.

  • Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf, a versatile actress, also got covid positive but it got a little serious for her. Corona virus is dangerous for elderly and young people, Rubina was hospitalized for days and later was shifted to a ventilator. Her daughter Mina kept on asking for prayers to her fans for her mother which eventually worked and she came back home and is now healthy and save. Wishing her more health!

  • Abrar-ul-Haq

Abrar-ul-Haq being a singer as well as a politician when got corona came on television and updated the audience with every single moment about how he felt and what precautions he is taking and what is actually working for him. He also was tested negative after completing days in isolation.

  • Vasay Chaudhry

Vasay, a comedian and an actor also a renowned host, came in contact with someone who got tested positive for corona and so he also caught the virus. Vasay stopped shooting for his show for days and remained in isolation.

We see that even after getting the disease, these celebrities are still not completely following the SOPs in their shows and daily life.

However, let’s wish them a healthy life!

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