Drive-in cinemas 2020

The Pakistani film industry has revived again after years. Our films are now considered for awards like Oscar. They are worth to watch on big screens by paying a ticket worth Rs 600. But here came Covid! The lockdown has shut doors on cinemas where were the only entertainment for most of the people on weekends who love to watch the first show of every movie. The premiers are now done online, the films are soft released. This is really affecting the revenue generation as well as people’s well being.

But Pakistanis always come up with some “jugar” to help their souls. Here the invention is the drive-in cinemas! This is one of the best things the coronavirus outbreak has given us. You can sneak on a movie within even paying for it, isn’t it really cool?

Although it was not first starting in Pakistan but Pakistanis were quick enough to grab the idea and implement it here. Restaurants started to put large screens outside their place and run films on it. The cars stop by and enjoy it while having their favourite food in place of popcorns. The idea was started in history but nobody really paid attention to it and it got all the limelight in corona because “zaroorat izzat ki maa hoti hai” people were bored at home and because of lockdown there were no places to hang out, the amusement parks are closed the Cinemas are closed.

Drive-in cinemas are completely free in some countries and are placed on roads while in Pakistan, it is started by restaurants like “Village” where you can order your food and eat it while watching a movie. The drive-in cinemas started to become a trend on Twitter and Facebook as the lockdown imposed in countries, people  demanded it in Pakistan when it was successfully revived in Germany and other parts of the world

Not just cinemas but this idea gave birth to more variations such as drive-in graduation ceremonies, drive-through baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and whatnot. It taught us that we were missing out on something really amazing and Coronavirus cannot stop us to “celebrate”. You can still have fun while following the SOPs and maintaining distance. The party doesn’t stop in the pandemic.

Can you think of a more interesting idea for a family outing in lockdown? Do let us know with your ideas in the comments below.

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