Let’s see at how difficult it was for Komal Aziz khan to make her spot

Komal Aziz Khan is a great actress and has done many projects in less time. Her chubby cute features and cherishing smile has made her place in millions of hearts.

Komal has also worked along side Sarah Khan an Indian actress in a drama that gave her a chance to create her fan following across the border as well. But was that this easy? The answer is NO.

Komal had to strive really hard to reach where she is and this is not because of tough competition as her luck has been great but the other factors that made it difficult for her was the lack of family support.

Komal belonged from a middle class family who works hard to get education and then a reputable job. Komal did her O and A levels from Beaconhouse because of her parents efforts and time. She went abroad to get her higher education.

Her mother was very much determined that her daughters (Komal and her sister) has to become doctors or engineers (which her sister has fulfilled and is a doctor) but Komal had a different plan.

“I always wanted to be an actress” Komal said this in her recent interview. Komal started teaching after she came back from America but her goal was to enter media industry. Having no such background it had to be an impossible thing but she asked one of her friend who connected to her to Saife Hassan who offered her a drama immediately.

Komal has been really lucky in getting immediate work but the main struggle she faced was from her family. Her mother did not accepted her working in the media, she didn’t talked to Komal for days. In her early days in the industry her father also passed away making it more difficult for her to live as per her choice being left with a single parent who means a lot to her but on the other hand is her dream

Komal’s mother still don’t watch her dramas and support her. Let’s hope things gets better for her for this amazing actress.

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