Negative Characters on TV Loved by Audience

A character is an important aspect of a drama. When a writer forms a story he keeps in mind the characters that will be a part of his story. To create a balance, he adds both negative and positive characters. Every actor wants to be the hero but it’s a gamble to pick a negative one. It is a complex character which only a few can outshine.

Negative characters are such that they bring life to an already main character-centred drama. They are either well scripted and well played or some clichéd character played by a different actor. It is not easy for actors to impress the audience with negative characters. The audience loves negative characters through a love-hate relationship when the actor perfectly pulls off the character. He portrays it such that the viewer wants to burst through their TV Screen and grab the character by his collar.

Following are such negative characters that the audience loved to hate:

  • Wajeeh – Cheekh (Bilal Abbas):

Wajih was someone you won’t get near to. He got powerful as the show progressed and had absolutely no regard for women. He was a murderer, rapist and a mad man who got away with anything he wanted. The audience was glued to screen to see the innocent-faced Bilal Abbas reflected into a monster like Wajeeh.

Source: Dawn
  • Mehwish – Mere Paas Tum Ho (Ayeza Khan)

Mehwish’s character was of a greedy, selfish and gold digger woman. A woman who could leave anyone to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. It was such a character that people personally started hating Ayeza Khan for it.

Source: Pinterest
  • Ammar – Khaas (Ali Rehman Khan)

Ammar is the narcissistic one. His self-obsession and the events unfolding around him due to such trait of his led him to be the negative guy. Ali Rehman’s powerful performance throughout the drama not only grabbed viewers but also gave life lessons to self-obsessed people.

Source: Ramblings of A Pakistani Drama Fan
  • Nimra – Jhooti (Iqra Aziz)

Here we have another selfish character. She was a manipulative woman who tried living her life the way she wanted but still was always short of desires to compete. The drama story lacked potential but Iqra’s negative vibes pulled it off.

Source: Wikipedia
  • Nigar – Balaa (Ushna Shah)

The cute innocent Ushna used her facial characteristic to be one of the most scheming character in the drama. She fooled everyone with her smile and made life miserable for everyone around her.

Source: Mangobaaz

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