Pakistani dramas, short of stories?

Pakistani drama industry is considered the finest in the world. Our dramas are popular not just in Pakistan but across the border as well. Indians follow our dramas more than their own, they know about our actors more than their own, the reason is obvious. We don’t have “exaggerated” storylines, Dum tana nana “music”, extremely masoom bahu, jahlaaat saas or a family member who is always up to some mischief.

Oh, wait. But is it really the case? The newly started dramas seem to be too unrealistic or something does not portray our culture which was also one of the reasons our dramas were in limelight. Dramas such as “Jalan” on ARY digital where a sister tries to marry his brother in law and plans a death for her OWN elder sister. This is drama is bashed for its rancorous nature. People say simply hate the nature of “Nisha” (the evil sister), according to them this is far from society, even it happens, the sister in law “secretly” likes the brother in law but never opens up.

Another drama that has mixed reviews by critics is “Muhabbat tujhy Alvida” on Hum tv. In the story, Ulfat show was a girl of dreams from small town meets a girl name Shafaq, a successful businesswoman who was her key to the lock of successful, money and fame, she didn’t really paid attention to her marital life and risked it later when Shafaq married her husband. This somewhere happens in our culture because some women do not really pay attention to their love life while some women who work disagree to this and calls this drama a pure “chaos”

Express entertainment is also not very far in this race. The dramas like Saza e Ishq were a girl named Rameen after the death of her love fell for another man who was her cousin and as soon as she gets married to her cousin she gets to know that her previous love is still alive. This seems like an Indian plot where a dead man comes back all of a sudden and is too unreal to be true.

Whether it is GEO entertainment, A-plus, Tv one or any other channel the terrible storylines are common on every channel. No doubt, ARY digital has taken lead here too. These have deleterious effects on a young generation because the only thing being shown is the violent women characters.

We hope this is just because of COVID and 2020’s impact because we don’t want Pakistani dramas to lose its charm.

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