Turkey, every celebrity’s favourite destination

Over the years we have seen that Turkey’s tourism has taken a boost. It was already known for its cultural attractions like Mosques, shopping markets and nightlife.

It is also one of the favourite countries to travel for Pakistani celebrities when they need a “quick” vacacy.  There could be many reasons for this but one of them is because it is cheaper for everyone and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

Another reason is also that because Turkey is a Muslim country there is no problem of “food” you get halal food everywhere and so no time wasting ask for ingredients.

Backgrounds and textures: traditional turkish mosaic lanterns at Istanbul` s Grand Basaar, touristic abstract

Because all over the country are Muslims, although the language difference is there, you get to relate with them. Turkish people have their own charm and charisma that gives you an at-home vibe.

We have seen Hania Amir enjoying with Asim Azhar in Turkey, dressing up and from having “ kababs” to eating Tacos.

We have also seen Aiman and Minal Khan going to Turkey a lot of times. At the moment Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan are on a trip to Turkey while their little munchkin is being babied sit by Khala Minal.

A Pakistani celebrity which himself has Turkish looks Imran Abbas went to Turkey and his pictures made us “drowl” over them as he looks like one of the people born there only. The coloured eye and hairs with lamps and colourful background.

Kinza Hashmi’s favourite spot is also Turkey. She showed us her breakfast pictures to her on the beach and sunset. The view literally added beauty to her pictures.

A celebrity makeup artist, also known as a vacay-ing freak, Sara Ali also went to Turkey on a joint trip with her bunch of friends. She showed some extraordinary poses on the top of the mountains, with eagles in the sky and Sultan-ish breakfast setting.

This view on the top is one of the signatures of Turkey. But let us do not forget the famous Turkish ice cream which is not less than a game to get it. And also the popular Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque is based in Turkey.

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