What happened to Ali Gul Pir? Let’s have a look

The wadery ka beta of Pakistan has met an accident that has left his fans in grief and they got really upset when the news broke out on the internet. Ali Gul informed about it himself on his Instagram telling his fans that he will take him 2 months to get well again and will have to stay on the bed till then.

Ali Gul Pir had a road accident while cycling, he had a femur (thighbone) fracture. He also revealed his X-ray reports on his Instagram story. Ali isn’t able to walk yet and was hospitalised for days after which he is completely on the bed for 2 months.

Ali keeps his fan updated with all his doings and is really active on Facebook and Instagram the reason is obvious, when you can’t move, social media is your best friend in bed. Ali also read books and plays around with his pets. He shares what it eats and how he feels. He also shared we he tried to take steps with a walking aid.

Being on bed rest hasn’t stopped the comedian from entertaining his fans. Ali and his dupatta are still on a roll when it comes to mimicry. His way of making every serious situation funny is what we truly love. The most recent one he did was where extremist Indian reporter was arrested. Surely gave a good laugh, ha!

Ali is also working on a few campaigns like Daraz’s 11.11 and the illness hasn’t stopped him from actively working.

His fans as well as some of the celebrities like Faiza Saleem are also making him feel better by showing their love through getting well soon goodies.

We feel sad how Ali is bed bounded in all his stories with a foldable table, having dinner and breakfast on bed, we hope he gets on his legs soon. It is seen that is is now able to walk a bit.

Let’s send a lot of prayers and wishes his way. Get well soon, Ali Gul Pir, we want to the wadery ka beta back with a bang.

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