How to Earn through playing?

Make money by playing! Can this be true? Not ready to believe, right? But trust me, it is. May it be a holiday or a sneak out with you buddies, you can double the fun. Making money and enjoyment  go together. It is like a dream come true. 

People nowadays are playing online games day in and day out. Just the thought about being a money making machine by playing games, can give you thrills. But when you actually get the cash in hand, you won’t be able to believe yourself. 

It’s important to know..

The best criteria for making online gaming money is choosing the game or platform. Through some of them, you get loads of tokens. Some pay you in cash. The other criterion includes the amount of invested time, your luck and previous gaming experience. Experienced gamers can make around 60k dollars per annum which is awesome!

Many online games tell you the number of its users, and an average payout. This make up your mind, as what’s to expect. While some of them has risk involvement, for instance spin games generate the numbers randomly. You never know when you hit a jackpot! There is a whole list of genuine ways of earning through gaming. 

Online casino games

Most popular options may be gambling in online casinos, provided you choose popular games. King Billy Canada gives you a number of options. Blackjack and poker are high strategy games,  they rely mostly on luck, but they will screw your brain for sure. You need a whole lot of understanding and practice.

Game testing

Game testing is testing run games and reviewing them. It is not a piece of cake, as it seems. You have to seriously check every nook and corner for a glitch. Everything will be accessed by the game developers. Your reviews will be gone through, and then you will get paid. 


Swagbucks gives you tasks like shopping, survey, referrals, web search, etc. You ll get paid in Swagbucks. It’s one of the easiest ways of making online money.

Paid game player

It is an online gaming website with thousands of games. You have to compete with the gamers. You are paid when you win competitions. This site requires upgrading if you need to make a big amount. 


Gamesville is an online gaming platform. People have been using it for a long time. You need to participate in free tournaments of any game. Some of them are timed games. Most tournaments give you GV rewards, while some.give cash rewards. 

XY Gaming

You need to have a gaming console for XY games. You challenge other players, matching your skills. You may get rewards on winning. They pay you either monthly or weekly or at the end of tournaments. 

Starting a YouTube channel

Using YouTube for one of the most popular ways. You can create a YouTube channel dedicated to gamers. You can guide them how to pass levels. You can introduce them to new games and teach them new tricks. You get paid through ads, according to the video length and number of views. Big gamers can sponsor you, this way yan earn huge amounts. You also get paid with the growing number of views.

There are a number of other options of earning through playing. So what are you waiting for? Go, get started!!

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