10 Most Gorgeous Actress of Pakistan

In the past few years the popularity of Pakistani Actress has reached all around the world; not only due to their performance but also due to their divine persona. Some Actress started their career real quick while some had to be patient to gain fame. With fame, they worked on glorifying and grooming themselves as well to appear their best self on screen. Let’s have a look at gorgeous actresses of Pakistan in no particular order.

Ayeza Khan:

Khan is a versatile actress with natural looks. She has groomed herself since her debut and now is the most beautiful actress to appear on the screen. She glorifies every actor she plays on TV.

Source: Google News

Sajal Aly:

The timid actress has the most natural-looking big dream eyes and an alluring smile that melts the heart of everyone. A big name in the industry now, Sajal never fails to impress her fans with her beautifying looks,

Source: Pinterest

Syra Yousuf Khan:

 A smart and posh woman, Syra is a Traffic Stopper. Her delicate looks wouldn’t refrain you for falling for her. Her recent photoshoot with Shehryar Munawwar is the talk of the town.

Source: Dawn

Sarah Khan:

Million Dollar Smile. This phrase perfectly defines Sarah Khan. Her ravishing presence and fashionable characteristic is the reason behind such a huge fan following.

Source: CelebProfile.in

Maya Ali:

 The Cinderella of ‘Aik Nayi Cinderella’ and Manno of Man Mayal is the most exquisite actress in the industry. Her fans love her enchanting eyes and elegant smile.

Source: IMDB

Kubra Khan:

 This British and Pakistani national is a beauty package. Her innocent looks and exalted voice landed her quick roles and an increasing number of fans periodically.

Source: Pakistan Showbiz

Naimal Khawar:

 Bagging her role through Instagram in Film Verna, Naimal hasn’t stopped since then. She is exceptionally beautiful and her dressy characteristic glorifies her further.

Alizeh Shah:

 Dua from Ehd-e-Wafa was an immediate hit. Alizeh’s big round glamorous eyes and cute face attracted everyone out there who watched Ehd-e-Wafa.

Armeena Rana Khan:

 This Pakistani Canadian Lady is the example of pure beauty. She has worked in fewer projects but her striking personality has definitely increased her fame.

Source: The News International

Ushna Khan:

 The innocent-faced lady with a cute smile, Ushna has always given the mesmerizing performance on screen. Her elegant looks and decent dressing are her source of gorgeousness. 

Source: The Express Tribune

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