It’s truly said that fame increases the number of haters along with admirers, because of jealousy. Something similar happened with the Pakistan team captain Babar Azam. A woman allegedly blamed him for sexual harassment in a press conference today. Well, Its shocking news!

In the press conference where a woman named ‘Haamiza’ named Babar Azam for sexually abusing her. She also says that various times she has been physically assaulted by him. She also blamed that  Babar has made false promises to marry her and that she has fled from her house. She also said that babar made her live in various rented houses over the years. 

On questioning from the reporters she had no validating answers about the allegationsIn a press conference where media reporters. When someone asked her if she has reported to PCB or to the police. Her response was vague and seemed to have no connection with reality. 

This woman seems to be an attention seeker as Babar Azam is a star cricketer and has been announced captain of Pakistani Cricket Team in all formats. According to the sources this step was taken to only  gain media attention as well as asking for compensation from Babar as she has mentioned in her press conference that she has spent a lot of money on him before he was selected in the Pakistan national cricket team. Upon asking a question about the approximate amount she has spent on Babar Azam, she replied that it is in millions which is once again very huge amount considering the player who is not yet selected for the national cricket team and the source of income of Ms Haamiza was a small beauty salon she ran for living.

Concluding to it this does not seem a scandal nor a police complaint this is just a gimmick to seek attention and tactic to get some financial gain.

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