Meal plan for 12 to 18 months baby
Baby Meal Plan: 12 Month Old | Happy Family Organics

When your baby turns one, it’s like achieving the biggest milestone. Most babies at this age are ready to take their initial steps. They need more energy, because their leg muscles are ready for a much intense development. By now, your child must be very well acquainted to chewing, using their no to one teeth. 

Breastmilk is still important for their immune system and keeps them safe from external attacks of all sorts. Rest of the nutrients will be taken from the solid food your baby takes. Food will no more be just a matter of experience, it has to play a vital role.

Introduction to cow milk

It’s good to introduce cow milk at this age, but the quantity should not be more than half to one cup a day. An increase may lead to loss in appetite. Desserts made with milk is also a great idea.

Feeding themselves

It’s time your toddler should be feeding themselves. They are too young to be perfect, but ready to hold a cup, and eat with a spoon and fingers, with little help. Encourage eating as a family, it helps in learning eating etiquette.

What and how to feed them?

 For a toddler from 12 to 18 months, having 3 meals and 2 snacks is ideal. Since the growth slows down after 12 months, the diet might decrease too. It’s their age to explore the world around. They’ll be more interested in looking rather eating. Forcing a child into eating is always a big NO. You can always try again after a refusal from them. This is basic plan for your toddler. You can modify it according to your baby’s preferences.


One egg ( any desired form) with milk

or oats/porridge with nuts

or french toast


Sliced fruit/yogurt


Vegetables or lentils with roti or rice.



Cracker/homemade cookies/nuts


Ground beef/ chicken rice with roti

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