How to take order on fiverr

During these pandemic times where the world has been taken by the storm and a number of people have lost their jobs globally. A lot of industries who were considered to be the best revenue-generating industries like airlines, hotel industry and tourism have been widely affected by the Covid 19 and thousands of people lost their jobs. This is creating immense demoralization in the society whereas there are few online portals available through which an individual can earn not only to survive but can make an income on regular basis.

Amongst many web portal where you have an opportunity to earn money. One of the best portal is FIVERR. It is easy to use, jobs are available globally and orders can be taken online, but it is not as easy as it looks. One needs to follow a few steps in order to get the first order. At fiverr, you need to make gigs (advertisement) for your skills so that clients can be attracted to your ad and give you order.

You need to be careful about keywords, which is very important so that when client searches the platform for the job, your profile should appear. Make sure your profile is updated and must be attractive and convincing enough to make the client hire you, for your first order. Make multiple gigs according to your skills and try to add a video in your gig. It will create a very good impression on the client and will be a great help for your first order.

It may take some time to get your first order but you need to be patient and be focus on your gig and try to make them as attractive as can be. Make sure you finish your first order within the desired time and do ask for reviews from the client. It will make your ratings better and will help to get you more orders.

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