Meal plan for 18 to 24 months baby

By this age, the baby is very much a member on the dining table with all the family, because he is ready to eat what others eat. He should be taking 2 proper balanced meals, with two snacks a day. The baby must be able to communicate through words. He usually tells by his words and actions if they are full or still hungry.  They can tell you by actions or words and maybe sounds about something they like or not. 

What’s healthy and what’s not?

The best way to encourage healthy eating is by dining with the family. A mother must make sure that the child takes a variety of healthy and nutritious food, belonging to all food groups, completely avoiding processed food with added sugar and preservatives.

Time gets minimal as the child grows. They keep you more busy with them as they age. The food you select for them has to be quick and convenient. Such food is highly processed which we have to avoid. Keeping your child familiar with whole, fresh foods may be very helpful for you in the longer run as the child will be more familiar with these flavours. The diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. 

For your toddler’s growth, milk is still very important. Your child should be taking cow milk or toddler milk by now but not more than 250 ml a day.

Important nutrients for a toddler

The diet of your toddler should be packed with nutrients. A toddler should be given variety in their food, making the meals balanced and nutritious. Some important nutrients may include iron, protein, calcium, DHA, folate, and choline.

This is a sample of a healthy diet plan which can be customized according to your culture and baby’s preferences. 


Option 1: Whole grain toast topped with nut butter and egg( any form)

or oat milk with fruits.


Fruit and yogurt


Whole wheat pasta with vegetables 

or roti with cooked vegetable 

or rice with lentils 

Water and fresh veggies go with both options

Evening snack:

Homemade cookies or boiled corn or boiled chickpeas


Any type of meat with cooked vegetables

Or lentils with roti and water 

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