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With new year right around the corner and holidays at full swing, this is probably the perfect time to buy a laptop for 2 obvious reasons. Number one being that amazing deals and sales are popping out everywhere so why not have the full benefit out of those and secondly as soon as the holidays are over the back-to-school season will begin, with this pandemic mostly classes and sessions will be online and for that purpose a reliable, powerful, efficient and far most an affordable machine is must to have. Therefore, on today’s episode we at the dumb media bring you the top 5 budget laptops that can perform your everyday tasks with efficiency and without breaking your bank. Stick around till the end, like and share our video.

Number#01 Lenovo Chrome Book Flex 5

The first on our list is by Lenovo, the Chrome Book Flex 5. technically you can buy a windows laptop under $500, it’s just going to be hard to find one that Is worth recommending. That’s where chrome books come in just like the Lenovo Chrome Book Flex 5. with a price tag of about $400, that is truly a killer price for a laptop sleek, portable and very practical as well. The only little complain that we had was the size and quality of the touch pad. It small and the plastic used feels very cheap. If all you do on a laptop is web browsing and note taking, then Flex 5 would be great option for you. The power horse of this laptop is a 10th generation intel core i3 processor clocked at 2.1 GHz, with a dedicated 4 GB of RAM. Before you raise any eye brows on that figure. Let us make it very clear that as the Chrome books run on android OS, the RAM requirements are pretty enough and up power. The user interface is pretty decent as well. The    13.3 inches of LCD display is very well lit. The viewing angles are okay, and is visible in broad day light as well. The base storage option is 64 GB that’s less to be honest, but the good side to this is that it is an eMMC type storage with some amazing read and write speeds. The port selection is pretty decent as well, with 2 USB Type-C ports, a 3.5 mm combo audio jack and a USB Type-A port that’s enough for every day usage. It also has a SD card slot. It weighs in about 1.3 kg and is very portable.

Number#02 Asus TUF A15

For most college students, not only the assignments and projects are important, the gaming is equally important and that we totally understand. So next machine on our list serves both purposes. The Asus TUF A15 is a very capable and portable gaming laptop. It comes preloaded with a NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI graphics processor for under $1000. That’s true value for money, considering that the desktop version of 1660 TI alone costs nearly $700. This makes the TUF A15 probably the cheapest gaming laptop that is equipped with GTX 1660 TI. What’s more is that this is a very well-rounded machine, with an Octa-core AMD’s Ryzen R7 4800H processor powering this beast, you will also be able to download a sizeable library of PC games from your steam library with 500 GB of storage on board. The computing power is backed by a 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM. The memory is 3200 MHz and can be over clocked to 3400 MHz. The screen is a nice, large 15.6 inches of LCD panel. With not so impressive 1080p resolution the best thing it has is the higher refresh rate of 144 Hz that is truly a bargain in this price point. The battery on board is a huge 90-watt hour cell. Which is the largest possible size that you can carry on a plane. With that battery pack it can run a looped 1080p video for about 11 hours straight. Despite all these amazing gaming specs the A15 is pretty sleek and subtle. With slight accents showing its gaming nature its nothing too flashy from outside. Which is a good thing as portability is a key feature while a making such a purchase.

Number#03 Microsoft Surface Go 2

Our next pick is the budget 2 in 1 option. This laptop takes portability to another level and it can also double as a tablet.  The Microsoft Surface go 2, is priced at just $400. That is a really cheap price when considering the build quality and super portability of this device. On top of that it is well to be kept in mind that this runs a full-fledged version of Windows 10. The 10.5 inch off screen seamlessly melted into the metal chassis is truly a piece of true and fabulous machine work. The add on type cover keyboard is a very useful accessory when it comes to note taking an extensive typing, do we like to add here that the keyboard quality and specially the trackpad real state is very compromised and it is specifically designed to be used while placing it on a flat table. Now we would like to mention here that this is not the most powerful tablet slash laptop on the market, as it is powered by an eighth generation Intel Core M3 processor. This is the mobile version of Intel Core I3 and is basically used for devices that have a fan less design. do ram options that you have are for an 8 gigabytes DDR4, though we’d like to mention here that these RAMs are not upgradable neither is the processor. Similarly, you have two storage options either a 64 GB model that has the faster eMMC type drive or the 128 GB of solid-state drive. The connectivity is also pretty decent. You have mini display port, a USB Type A port and a memory card slot as well. Considering that it is basically a tablet hooked up to a keyboard its very portable and best option for students to carry around.

Number#04 Dell G5 15

On fourth spot we have the Dell G5 15. It is the perfect match between a full-fledged gaming laptop and a work station. The overall appearance and looks of this laptop are very subtle. Getting it around is not very flashy and by no means it displays that what it has got within. This amazing machine is powered by an Intel Core I7- 87508 processor. It is A6 core processor with Turbo boost technology which can take the Clock speed all the way up to 4.10 giga Hertz. On top of that to support those intense gaming sessions, it comes equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB graphic chip. To back all that processing power, it has a 16 gigabyte of onboard ram. Which is also upgradeable. The nice thing about this memory, is that it is clocked at a higher frequency of 3400 megahertz as standard and can be overclocked to 3600 megahertz from the BIOS settings. As a huge 15.6 inches 1080P, 60 Hertz display, that can get very bright and the color reproduction is pretty awesome as well. As far as the storage options are considered we have a hybrid selection, that translates a set of where A128 gigabytes NVMe SSD is used to boot the device and has the operating system on it whereas to store your game library we have the 1 TB of HDD on board as well. It is quite reasonably priced at $900, but as the end of the year sales are popping out everywhere you can get the G5 for an amazing deal of around $700. For a laptop that has the Core i7 processor and RTX 2060 on board $700 is quite a bargain. With these specifications and a discounted price tag we highly recommend The Dell G5 for someone who is about to join college or school.

Number#05 HP Envy X360

Last on our list today is the easily most beautiful budget laptop that money can get you. The HP envy X360, is a super sleek and slim laptop that also doubles as a tablet when the screen is flipped around at 360 degrees. These laptops cost around $600, and if you are thinking that why it costs so less than the answer is that it is amongst a wave of laptops that is coming this year which powers on an AMD processor, and they are all pretty amazing. And AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is powering this laptop. It is a quad core processor with two giga Hertz base frequency and a Turbo boost frequency of up to 3.6 giga Hertz. To back this computing power a DDR4 8 gigabytes of ram is on board which is also upgradable. The sad part about this is that it’s just a 2400-megahertz ram which means that a slight of a buffer is to be expected. The graphics side is handled by AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics chip. The base storage options are also very decent with a 256 gigabyte NVMe drive you can get very amazing read and write speeds. It’s a pretty sleek laptop, and with that AMD quad core processor it can perform your everyday tasks with a breeze. For someone who is more into college projects and assignments and likes to carry a beautiful machinery with him the HP Envy X360 is the perfect option.


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