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Nearly all the creators here at the dumb media, love over ear style headphones. In previous year we have seen several new entrants emerging and trying to grab attention of consumers. After careful analysis we have selected top 5 over ear style headphones released in 2020, to be reviewed in our today’s episode. As always like and share this video it really helps us in bringing latest and greatest content for you guys. Do subscribe to our channel and press that bell icon so that you don’t miss any notifications.

Number#01 Jabra Elite 45H

To begin with we have the Jabra Elite 45H. They carry a surprisingly value for their affordability. They sound amazingly good beyond our expectations, but then someone should expect this quality coming from an audio file brand like Jabra. It has a tone of feature like Bluetooth multi point, which is something that we are not seeing in a pair of headphones that are almost 2-3 times higher in price. On top of this they are very well constructed. They are very light weight and easy to carry around. With a very solid built quality they feel very premium and robust. The most appealing part about them is that they are very affordable. Another key aspect that we really need to point about these Jabra Elite 45H is the battery life on a single charge. You can get up to an insane figure of about 45 hours between full charges, that is best battery life we have observed in quite a while. They are also very comfortable and they rest on your ear very gently, this leaves a bit of a down side as you cannot take them for running or gym, they might simply fall of your head.

Number#02 Anker Soundcore Life Q20

Next up on our list is a bit of an under rated brand when it comes to audio devices. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is one of the subtler brands in sound industry. However, it has an amazing following due to the cool features that it offers to its consumers in a given price bracket. Its sub brand the Soundcore has made some significant attention in the market. With amazing sound and active noise cancellation these headphones are pure joy for any serious audio file. These headphones have a lot more to offer then just only active noise cancellation, they can provide a maximum of up to 40 hours of play back time and you can enjoy an immersive experience of deep base. The ear cups of these headphones are extremely comfortable as they are made of memory foam. They rest quite gently on your ears and longer sessions of music listening are a breeze with them. They have an over ear design which makes them the go to headphones for your travelling and work. The crisp and high-definition sound which these headphones produce come from a pair of huge 40 mm drivers. With ACN in place they can produce up to 40 KHz of white or clear noise. The headband is quite comfortable and has right amount of grip as well.

Number#03 Razer Opus

The next brand is also very under rated in audio market but is well reputed in making great computers and smart phones, the Razer Opus made are value rich pair of headphones. They have many features that you usually have to pay more to get them. These are very comfortable; they sound great and they have features like proximity sensors so they are smart enough to recognize that when they are off your head, they automatically pause the ongoing session and resume it when again the headphones are worn. Moreover, these are the only pair of headphones that you can buy that are THX audio certified, so you know that they’re going to sound really great. Apart from all these exciting features they have really excellent active noise cancellation system on board. They have a pretty decent battery life of about 25 hours, but when compared to some other competitors in our list this seems a bit on the lower side. They also do not use the current generation of Bluetooth technology, rather they use an outdated Bluetooth 2.0 system that might have some latency depending on certain scenarios.

Number#04 MontBlanc MB-01

The next headphones on our list art mostly oriented across comfortability and practicality. If you are out there looking for a pair of headphones that need to be extremely comfortable while having a very attractive and head turning looks then MontBlanc MB- 01 are the headphones to go for. This brand is mostly known for making excellent masterpiece watches and some very unique and posh lineup of fountain pens. They are not an audio company entirely, so they partnered with Alex to develop the MB- 01. To our surprise they sound really awesome, the low ends are super deep with advocate amount of base whereas the high-end nodes are crisp clear even at higher volumes. There is almost no distortion throughout the entire range. With a stainless-steel frame which is Chrome plated and have the iconic Montblanc logo on either side, they truly are a piece of art. if only thing that you care about is that your ears are bathed in sense of luxury then these are the headphones of choice. Your cups are made out of memory form, that comfortably cushions your ear and provide a very soft and gentle grip. Apart from all this luxury they have pretty decent specs as well. Active noise cancellation performs a very advocate job off blocking surroundings. The only downside they have is the battery life, on a full charge they last about 20 hours of music playback, which is not a great number to quote.

Number#05 Tribit X-Free Tune

Today’s last pick for this series is the Tribit X- free tune. They are one of the best sounding headphones that offer a great value for money. Will get into detail and tell you why they are still a top draw for this year’s category of top five smart headphones. These are capable of producing very crisp and clear sound and they have a very comfortable design, which allows You to use them for extensive periods of time. These are the only head phones in our today’s episode that can be used both wireless and with wires. With these pair of headphones, you can make telephone calls very conveniently. Headband of these headphones is extremely comfortable to wear. Most low budget headphones do not come with such a comfortable and cozy head band. Moreover, the stereo audio mode of these headphones includes a concert mode as well. The huge 40 millimeters drivers produce a very immersive experience in terms of sound quality. They are capable of providing you with a playtime of over 40 hours which is great. However, a full charge may take up to four hours. These headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 and they can connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

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