Top 5 Projectors 2020

A good projector can bring a cinema experience to your own home without breaking too much of the bank. However, with an abundant number of choices out there it is not easy to choose which one is best suited for your needs. Therefore, we at the dumb media are breaking down the top 5 projectors available to consumers in 2020, based on price, features, picture quality and options each one of them offers. So, whether you are looking for the cheapest projector possible, or the best buck for your bank on today’s episode we have got you covered. So, sit back, watch today’s episode, like and share it your friends.

[Number#01 MSC A100

Starting off we have the MSC A100. If you are a bit tight on the budget, but still want that cinematic experience at your home, the MSC’s A100 is possibly the best pick for you. It has right balance between specifications and features, yet the it is very wallet friendly. With its Bridgh Lux COB LED, it delivers a 3500 plus lumens of projection beam, also it has a 3500: 1 contrast ratio as well. A100 has the ability to deliver the crisp and sharp picture quality even when projected up to 200 inches. In the price bracket of sub $300, the MSC A100 beats nearly all competitors in its class when it comes to video resolution. It even competes some of the projectors in the $400- #500 range. What you are really missing is that the on board 5-watt speaker is no good for content consuming, yet alone delivering a cinematic experience. So might want to plug in an external speaker in order to have an immersive experience. It also supports screen mirroring from your smart phone and tablet. The support for chrome cast is also a big add on. However not everything is perfect. It’s made out of a really cheap plastic but that can be forgiven as it won’t be handled that often. It is very portable and can be taken to a party or a gathering easily. Overall, at a price tag of $130, it’s a very decent option to go for.]

[Number#02 View Sonic PX 747 4k

The next item on our list comes from a very under rated brand, but you will be surprised to know that this brand has been the pioneer in projector technology and have led to deliver many amazing products over the years. The View Sonic PX 747 4K is a very capable projector and delivers some really amazing features. The PX 747 is the most affordable projector that can provide a 4K output in home theater experience. This one is a high brightness and high contrast DLP projector which comes preloaded with XPR technology. This projector uses a very clever technique of combining a DLP chip which outputs at a 1080p resolution but then on top of that XPR processing takes the resolution all the way up to 4K. This means that each mirror projects four pixels in order to deliver that crisp 4K video quality. Even though it does not give the true 4K resolution but its quality is far better than any other 1080p projector an up power with many native 4K projectors. It offers many operational modes amongst which the favorite one is the dynamic mode. This feature particularly adjusts the light output on the content that is being delivered, so for example if a vivid scenery containing some colorful Flowers is being displayed The Reds and the Blues will be super bright with inky Blacks on the background. The port selection is also very decent it has two HDMI ports, a VGA port, a 3.5-millimeter audio Jack and couple of USB type-A ports.  The only problem that we had was that the on button was in red color whereas the off button was colored as green, which truly makes no sense. Overall, the PX 747 is a great projector for delivering 4K content and providing you with the cinematic experience at your home.]

[Number#03 Optoma HD 143

The Optoma HD 143 it’s yet another very capable projector that’s grabbing the number three spot on our list today. We can regard this as an overall perfect budget projector. it is one of the least expensive true high-definition projectors available to consumers in 2020. It is perfectly designed for home entertainment and can also be used as a gaming projector. the Optoma native 1080p resolution provides uh nice and sharp image. It also has few operating modes and you will really admire the cinema mode in which everything looks pretty true to color representation and it is comparable too many native 4K projectors out there. The HD 143 projects a very crisp image that can easily compete much expensive projectors. So, in this way it turns out to be the best projector for someone who is not trying to step directly into the 4K projector game and yet wanting to have a similar experience. it also has an amazing dynamic black 3D performance supported by ISF calibration modes. This allows you to save your calibration settings for various scenarios such as day and night or any indoor space where the ambient light varies from different part of day. It is also a very good gaming projector and can deliver reasonable gaming graphics and performance when connected do a compatible console output. Not only does it have a specified game mode rather it also has a particular setting that is activated once it detects that the content being projected is gaming related. If you are in a budget segment of about $450, it is a very neat and precise option for you to pick.]

[Number#04 Epson Home Cinema 4010

The next on our list is the Epson home cinema 4010 4K projector. We would like to make it very clear that it is not a native true 4K projector rather uses a very advanced technology to deliver the image quality that is very well matched to a native 4K projector. Plus, side of this projector is that it does not make much of a noise, the fan and cooling system is pretty much silent hence it can be perfectly used for indoor movie watching or streaming games. The screen set can be adjusted from 50 inches all the way up to 300 inches which is very amazing considering this tiny form factor of a projector. Amongst all these projectors we think that this one has the most unique and futuristic design of all, the center mounted lamp, the cooling fins are shaped to mimic the one’s in a car and a sliding shutter window all make up already appealing product. It is available in black and white color but personally we do prefer the look of white one. You also have already amazing features less shifting that can be used to project the screen vertically or horizontally as desired by the consumer. In terms of port selection, we must say that it has a pretty decent port selection as well HDMI, Ethernet port, couple of USB type-A ports and 3.5-millimeter audio jack are all available. It also supports HD R10 high dynamics playback as standard. All in all, with its 6 color modes we think that this is a very feature packed 4K projector that can elevate your home cinema experience to a whole new level.]

[Number#05 Vankyo Leisure 3

Lastly, we the Vankyo Leisure 3. It’s quite an unknown brand but we were surprised as well to see what it offers in the price bracket that it can be bought. We wouldn’t be wrong if we regard it as the best entry level budget projector in our list. If the price is your priority and you want to spend the least on a projector then this projector is the best deal to go for, just under $90.00 the price tag is unimaginable for what it delivers. This price point the Leisure 3 gives a very decent picture with good color and contrast as well. We would like to add that is not very bright projector and it is well suited for an indoor environment such as a dark room or a basement, and to be honest what else could you expect from a $90.00 projector. In no way we are saying that this is just a piece of junk but for the price it delivers a lot. Surprisingly it can throw an image ranging from where you do inch all the way up to 170 inches which is really amazing from such an entry level project are. The port selection is also very decent weather HDMI port, a VGA port, a couple of USB type A ports and a key 3.5-millimeter audio jack. For anyone who is a student or wishes to have a full cinematic experience at his home with spending the least amount of money the Vankyo Leisure 3 go to option.]


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