Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets 2020

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Welcome to another episode of Top 5 series. As the technology is innovating so rapidly, thanks to it that the concept of smart home is crazingly getting popular because of the comfort and convince that comes with it. In order to fully implement the technology in your house, for sure you need a variety if smart home gadgets that can integrate with the current environment of your house and then serve their purpose. These smart gadgets come with exciting and new features that make your life style modern and tech savvy. These gadgets are not only meant for comfort, they can also make your house hold more secure, keep you updated with the activity of certain nature, even take care of your pet when you are not around. All the way from cleaning your house, to updating your grocery list and then ordering the items online, these gadgets can do a lot. So, we at the dumb media decided to select top 5 smart home gadgets that you can get in 2020.

Number#01 UV Robo Clean

First on the list we have the UV Robo clean smart sanitizer and surface cleaner. We all know that with this winter season at its peak, it’s a nightmare to clean and sanitize rooms with wall-to-wall carpets. It can be a really tiring and time-consuming task. This is where the smart UV Robo Clean comes in. Incased in a durable and compact plastic shell, the UV Robo Clean destroys 99.8% of virus and bacteria using the Ultra violet Philips lamp installed within its rollers. This is a really neat feature, as the Robo Clean doesn’t not use any sort of chemicals or anti-bacterial fluids rather does it with the help of UV lamp, and leaves behind no odor or stains at all. It is equipped with no fall, edge detection technology, that can sense when the Robo Clean is at the edge of a surface, or close to a wall, and automatically change its course accordingly. As far the functionality is considered, it comes in 2 operational modes. One being the autonomous and the other one is the hand-held mode. Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, the UV Robo clean can operate for hours on a single charge. It has some serious tech on board as well. There are a couple of forward-facing sensors and rear collision sensors in order it to operate without hitting stuff around. It’s very smart in terms of changing and choosing its course. The smart phone application is available on both android and iOS and is very interactive. It can control nearly all the aspects of Robo Clean. With this horrible pandemic, safety is a priority, therefore we highly recommend the Robo Clean smart sanitizer and cleaner for your house hold.

Number#02 August Smart Lock

Door handles and knobs are a thing that we all touch a lot, and during this pandemic, where we are constantly advised to avoid physical contact, this one part of our house it that nearly everyone touches. So, the next smart home gadget is something that solves this issue and makes something as simple a door knob quite smart. The August Smart Lock, is a wonderful and tech pack gadget that can be really useful. This comes with standard fitting and can be installed in the current cut out of your door. No extra modifications are needed at all. The easy installation doesn’t compromise the security or durability. The overall package is really sleek and blends in with your existing setup of house. As far as the lock itself is considered it’s a very basic set up, the latch and the door hook can be rerouted in the existing lock hole, which then leaves the body of the lock on the inner side, whereas a tough shield is exposed on the outside. There are many advantages to the August smart lock system. It can directly communicate video smart phone using your home’s Wi-Fi connection. The access to this lock can then be made available to anyone with just a click of a button. Often there is a scenario when you are not at home, and someone you know see as a family member wants to coming your house, that this type of lock is perfect for that purpose. As long as the lock is connected to the Wi-Fi connection, and your smart phone also has a valid Internet connection you can remotely log an unlock your door with application available. Moreover, scheduled locking is also available. It also gives you alerts an alarm to let you know if someone has been trying to open up the lock.

Number#03 Lenovo Smart Frame

If you have a passion to elevate your photography memories, and display then in a very elegant and modern way then our next product is well suited for you. The smart frame by Lenovo is a digital photo frame which is very sleek and a pretty basic product which has some essential functionalities and can be placed on a table or hung by a wall just as a normal portrait. So, this photo frame is basically display screen measuring in at 21 inches diagonally, and has a resolution of 1080p. The entire frame is made out of aluminum and the screen has a special anti-reflective coating so that it can avoid any sort of glare. Apart from that it also has an ambient light sensor, that can adjust the brightness of the screen depending upon the light in the surroundings to make photographs look even better. It also comes with a mounting stand, that can help you to rotate in either direction with just a push of a button. As mentioned, this is a smart photo frame so it is always connected to your Wi-Fi connection and also it can talk to your smartphone. You can share photos from your Google photos memories and any other folder that you wish to sync with this photo frame. It is a very basic product and there is not much to talk about it, it’s basically a screen hooked up to a smart system that can display your pictures and videos in your house. For someone who is looking into decorating their office or home setup with a modern look and tech savvy features we think that smart frame by Lenovo is a very good option.

Number#04 Cubii Jr Elliptical

As most of our time in 2020 was spent sitting in front of some sort of screen, and not having much to exercise, therefore a pretty new brand Cubii came up with something interesting. Now we are not sure that whether this product even lies in the category of smart home gadget, but as long as something can get you moving while sitting, we think that’s pretty smart! The Cubii Jr Elliptical, is a very compact, under table foot stand that also doubles as a mini paddle machine. The package and installation are very simple. It has a tiny screen that shares the resistant level and the step counter as well. With the help of a knob, you can alter the resistance of it. It can be placed under your table and in this way, you can work out while sitting in front of a screen. It has no Wi-Fi or smart connectivity, but let’s be honest the concept of smart is not only bounded to a screen and an active internet connection. The Cubii junior elliptical provides your legs and body with advocate amount of exercise that it requires and not compromise on your time.

Number#05 Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Next on our list is the Philips Hue bulb. It is a basic kit for someone who is looking to step into the smart lightning set up. The advantage of going with a Philips Hue setup is that it works across many platforms and can be integrated into your existing setup with breeze. It can work with Google home, Alexa and any other smart assistant that is available in your house can be used to control it. Since the launch of Philips Hue now we have a complete hub that integrates many smart products by Phillips and not only bulbs. This smart bulb can easily be installed in an existing socket, and can be controlled using the Philips Hue app on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can dim the lights using the circular dial which has thousands of color combination available at your fingertips. You can also time and schedule the turning on and off, off the Philips Hue bulbs. The light quality is also very amazing it can get pretty dim as well as very bright to light up a decent sized room. It can also toggle between many different colors to create more of a cozy and relaxing environment. Another advantage of Philips Hue smart bulb is that it appears very amazing in background of videos and many youtubers takes advantage of this set up to create some amazing content. Auto on off is a great feature that can be turned on using the smart phone app and when there is no one in the room it automatically turns itself off to save some power. Since the launch of Philips Hue setup everyone is a big fan of this, and as of 2020 no smart home setup can be considered complete with at least one Philips Hue smart product in it.


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