Top 5 Smart Phone Camera 2020

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Welcome to another episode of the dumb media where we bring to you the top 5 most desired product in a certain category, and this episode Is all about our favorite segment that is the best smart phone camera of 2020. Smart phone cameras have become so good over these years that it has replaced full fledge point and shoot camera and made its place. Therefore, we at the dumb media, bring you top five smart phone cameras that you can buy in 2021, and elevate your photography skills.

Number#01 Google Pixel 4 XL

To start off, we have the very obvious pick of Google Pixel 4 XL. The 4 XL remains on the top of the camera ranking and has one of the best camera setups in any smartphone. With a simple and subtle dual camera setup at its back it captures images with pitch perfect color accuracy and amazing detail. The dynamic range is spot on, and exposure is un-believable in day light and not to forget at night when this camera really shines. Its only weakness is that it lacks a dedicated ultra-wide angle camera lens, which is most suited for close ups of group photos. It gives you the ability to shoot in tight spaces and covering more. A 12.2 mega-pixel primary lens serves as the main camera with a wide angle and a fairly open f/1.7 aperture which lets a lot of light in. Assisting it is a 16 mega pixel secondary camera that is telephoto lens. On top of all this the image processing by Google is top notch. We strongly believe that Google with the current image processing could have pulled this result from even an 8 mega pixel lens without any effort. That is the reason why google Pixel 4 XL does all this magic with just 2 cameras where as of now a triple camera set up is the average.

Number#02 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Next on our list is the Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra. As it is very obvious that with a flag ship by Samsung, we expect it to be a very good performer in all terms. And no doubt it has a very amazing camera when it comes to photography. It has a very versatile camera set up on board and includes are variety of lenses. It uses a quad camera set up and a has a primary lens of an amazing 108 mega pixels. Now we would like to add here that greater the number of megapixels does not definitely mean a better camera but at least we the confidence of capturing that amazing detail in our pictures. It uses a clever technique of pixel migration, where it combines 9 pixels to form one and then reproduce that. Hence you have the maximum detail in a single shot. It assisted by a 48 mega pixel telephoto, a 12 megapixel ultra-wide and a 0.3-megapixel depth sensor all working in perfect integration to provide a very outclass picture. Though we need to point out that the image processing of Samsung is quite aggressive. The color reproduction is very vivid and sometimes can add a fakeness to pictures hence resulting in the loss of real image quality. The reds and blues are far more over saturated but that is something we have been seeing in Samsung camera for quite a while. And it is only noticeable once you compare it next to a picture taken by iPhone or a google pixel.

Number#03 Apple iPhone 12 Pro

the item which makes on #3 spot in our list needs no introduction as it is one of the most recognizable smart phones on the planet. Yes, we’re talking about Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro. with its iconic stove top design these camera modules are very much identifiable, and they do perform in an excellent manner. It uses a court camera setup, with a 12 megapixel very wide-open f/1.6 aperture lens as the primary glass. Another 12-megapixel telephoto lens is also available with two times the optical zoom. Another 12-megapixel ultrawide camera is also available for those group photos. Lastly, we have a bit of a confusion as some of the critics consider it a camera whereas the official statement by Apple is that it is basically a 3D LiDAR scanner or depth sensor. It is basically used by the augmented reality application and in some cases also used as to differentiate between the subject and the background to produce a perfect bouquet or deep field of affect view. The depth effect produced by this camera module is very much a power to a dedicated camera. These cameras produce not only amazing daylight pictures but also their capability of capturing lowlight images is far beyond amazing. With the new low light mode introduced by Apple last year in iPhone 11, it took photography game to a whole new level. With your iPhone you can easily click an amazing picture without any effort and the phone itself taking care of every aspect. The image processing algorithms on iPhone are surprisingly very amazing, but still, we would really like to appreciate Google pixel 4XL which does all this with same image quality and just a pair of camera lenses. In any way Apple’s iPhone 12 pro has one of the best cameras in the market.

Number#04 One Plus 8 Pro

Moving on to a slightly budget segment, we would like to include the One Plus 8 Pro to our list. One plus is a fairly new brand when considered the competitors to be Apple and Samsung. But we have seen that in recent years it has proved to be one of the best available smartphones to consumers and in No way, it has a very capable camera setup at its disposal. It uses a quad camera setup, a 48-megapixel F 1.8 lens serves as the primary shooter, an 8-megapixel F 2.4 telephoto lens provides the capability of three times optical zoom, yet another 48-megapixel ultrawide camera enables you to take that white group photos and Lastly a 5-megapixel camera basically helps as a color filter sensor. It also includes the PDAF technology and a very fast laser auto focus. It can truly capture some amazing photographs, but we notice that it struggles slightly in low light. The image processing on Google pixel 4XL is far better in capturing low light images. This camera module can also record 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

Number#05 Oppo Find X2

Last on our list is the Oppo Find X2 Pro. Tough we would like to mention that; this spot would have been taken by the Huawei P40 but sadly as it does not run google play store any more so its availability about US consumers is about none. Seeing this opportunity, The Chinese manufacturer Oppo quickly jumped in with their flagship model find X2 Pro. It is a very budget friendly device when compared to other smartphones on this list. it uses up triple camera set up. A 48-megapixel F 1.7 shooter access the primary camera, it is assisted by a 13-megapixel telephoto lens which is capable of providing five times optical zoom and Lastly yet another 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera is also available for those group photos. It uses laser autofocus to capture the subject while in motion, this provides very crisp video quality and an amazingly fast autofocus. It has a dual tone Eli D flash which provides more of an ambient light. It also supports 4K videos at 60 frames per second. The image quality of Oppo Find X2 surprisingly up power with many mature flagship smartphones that’s why it secures a spot on our list.

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