Top 5 Smart Watches 2020

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When you have a super computer stashed inside your pant or jeans pocket, then why cannot it make a place on your wrist. This futuristic and sort of un-real idea was just a concept not long ago. Despite the gloomy predictions of small smart watches seem to be dying out in 2020, absolutely tons of options are now available on market and with some serious competition. It wouldn’t be wrong if say that 2020 have been a pretty busy and refined year in terms of smart wearable gadgets and we do have witnessed some of very capable and practical devices. So, on today’s episode we shall be digging deep in this smart watch segment and bring you the top 5 smart swatch that deserve to be on your wrist in 2020. Stay tuned, do like and share this video with your friends and hit that bell icon to get timely notifications.

No. 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The first smart watch on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This smartwatch can be regarded as one of the most durable yet very premium watch that you might buy in 2020. As we all know that Samsung is a leading brand when it comes to smart phones and smart gadgets. This brings together the original elements of the original Galaxy watch and the much tougher Galaxy watch active 2. You have a choice of 41 millimeters and 45-millimeter sizes add to disposal. The circular dial design with the rotating bezel, and two very tactile buttons neatly located on the right side of the watch face are used to interface with the watch itself. The build quality and precision of this device is beyond exceptional, and in getting this device to a next level of premium gadget the durability is nowhere to be compromised and yet it feels very rugged and substantial. The rotating dial has the perfect amount of resistance and when scrolled quickly, it gives a very smooth and buttery texture. The most important thing about this user interface is that that rotating dial is very thoughtfully waited and has a very dense feel to it. The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 runs on the Tizen OS, this is a custom software developed by Samsung for its smart variables. It has an OLED panel which gets very bright and is pixel dense. It gives you a variety of applications along with the very basic fitness tracking apps as well. If you have a budget of around $400, which truly is a steep budget for a smart watch then the Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is the obvious pick for you.

No.2 Garmin Vivo Move Style

The next product on our list is a very interesting and underrated. We all have heard about the smart watches but what we have not heard about is the hybrid smartwatch. So as the name suggests, it is a wristwatch that has analog dial up front and a very vivid and bright screen on the background. The typical needles depict and display the time whereas the screen is used to display various vital features and applications. The Garmin Vivo Move Style, Is the hybrid smartwatch that can have a very traditional style statement as well as provide you with vital information like fitness tracking and sleep monitoring. It is a very small and light watch. And it does not add a bulk to your wrist. it has kind of a minimalistic design and with the presence of that analogue needles at a glance you don’t have any idea that this watch is basically a fully loaded and feature packed smartwatch. If you double tap the screen the entire watch comes to life and behind those needles you find yourself with a tiny display which is bright enough to be visible outdoors in bright sunny light. interface is also very simple and straightforward, swiping through the screens provides you with various options which includes step counter, fitness tracker, sleep monitoring, and heart rate. This smartwatch can also be connected to GPS and track your jogs and running session. The only downside with the Garmin Vivo Move Style is that, it has a very tiny screen and as compared to competition this does not get as bright as those. A very handy feature that this watch has is the built in Garmin pay application, this means that you can pay just by tapping your watch and that’s it. Considering this ongoing pandemic this is a very neat and handy feature which basically provides you contactless payment without touching anything. For someone who is more into a decent, sober and not too flashy smart watch then this is the perfect pick for him.

No.3 Apple watch series 6

Apple watch Series 6, absolutely spot on our list for very obvious reasons. Constructed out of pure aluminum and stainless steel this watch is truly a piece of art. The perfect seamless cut outs for the rotating digital Crown, the glass on the screen smoothly melting over edges to the body and the back of the watch covered with high quality ceramics is absolutely amazing. This all is to be expected from a high-end smart watch. What makes Apple Watch Siri 6 so desirable is that it is very practical and accurate as well. When we say accurate this accounts for the data it transmits in various application is very precise and these sensors do a great job. For example, the blood oxygen levels measured by an Apple Watch series 6 are very close to once which are measured buy a professional medical equipment. Similar is the case with step tracking. It comes in a variety of colors and the easily swappable bands provides users with several hundreds of combinations. The sleek design hugs your wrist and even the stainless-steel variant does not feel that heavy. The watch OS experience is smooth and satisfying. Combining the responsive touch screen inputs and the buttery smooth digital crown navigating through menu and application is a breeze. The support for Siri is also available from which you can control a number of smart tasks without your smart phone being lying around. The only drawback is that, the series 6 Apple watch and in fact any Apple watch cannot be technically operated as a standalone wearable. Pairing it with an iPhone is necessary. If budget is not a concern, then Apple watch series 6 is a true master piece of crafts man ship.

No. 4 MI Band 5

If you are really tight on budget and also want yourself away from any sort battery charging hustle for days or even weeks, the MI band 5 is a true champion then. To start off it’s a fitness band not a smart watch. So, it offers some basic functionality and is enough for day-to-day tasks.  with a price of tag of just $40, it’s the true budget wearable king. The design is very basic yet durable. The silicon band houses the plastic body, that can be swapped for charging. Its water and dust resistant. Which makes it perfect for gym, running or even swim sessions. Its super light in weight and tracks your activity pretty precisely. Notifications are also delivered on the mono chrome pixelated screen but it’s enough for a glance and letting you know to check your smart phone. The built-in heart rate sensor is accurate and precise as well. The biggest selling point of Mi band 5 aside from its cheap price tag is the battery life. By far it has the best battery life of any smart watch on our list. It even out performs Fitbit tracker band which was already delivering weeks of battery life.

No. 5 Tic Watch Pro 3

The last product on our list is the Tic watch pro-3. If you are into something that is budget friendly, has ton of features and looks pretty subtle on your wrist then the Tic watch pro 3 the best option for you. It is entirely made out of hard plastic, and comes with a choice of silicone or leather bands. The watch face is a circular dial and has a pretty decent display. Displayed is not as bright as that of Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy watch but the main advantage in this low and dim resolution display is that it can get you days of battery life. Apart from that we would like to mention here, this display is very unconventional as well. We don’t see that many LCD displays when it comes to various shapes and rounded edges, usually an OLED panel is best suited for this purpose. right side of the watch you have two very tactile buttons that are used to interface with the OS. Basic features such as heart rate monitor, fitness tracking, sleep monitoring and to name some, are included as standard. Though OS is a bit sluggish and sometimes irresponsive as well. Coming in at around $59 and having a ton of features with a slightly lower quality display we think that Tic watch pro 3 is a pretty obvious pick for students and most people as well.


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