Top 5 Tech Bag Packs for 2020

With 2021, right around the corner, and fingers crossed for this pandemic to be over, with high hopes, we anticipate that the upcoming year will be a fun and busy one. With a lot of conferences and college season to resume, the travelling will be at its peak. Anywhere from your dorm to university campus or all the way a trip overseas, we all need some sort of travel bag pack that can not only hold our clothing’s and wearables rather our tech devices as well. Tech products have become such an essential part of our life, and not all bag packs are designed cleverly to hold and take care of tech products. Therefore, on today’s episode, the Dumb media presents our viewers with top five smart and cleverly designed bag packs of 2020.

Number#01 ERA Bag Pack

The engineering and designing team at Travlwear, have done a fantastic job is developing the ERA Bag Pack. Its design is truly a head turner, with modern design language paired with a touch of traditional strap looks it truly carries some statement with it. The modular system includes magnetic latch straps that can easily expand your carrying capacity to cater your needs. The modular design includes a top bag that can be removed and used a side bag for carrying smaller items like camera and wallet. The five-layer shield protect material used in the ERA bag pack is designed in such a way that it reduces the impact forces and redirects the direct shock to the sides of the bag pack leaving the contents of the bag safe and sound. The ERA bag pack is also water and dust resistant and hence no worries for carrying it on a rainy day. The ERA bag packs some smart feature that make it ideal for people on the go. With a 180-degree zippers and a built-in mesh allows to carry your cloths more in a suit case like way. The large shock prove case can hold five plus days of items and dedicated 3 slots can carry gears like camera lens and mounts. There is separated front pocket that is best suited for carrying your laundry and shoes. It includes a removable and washable laundry bag. There is a hidden theft proof pocket to store your passports, ATMs and other valuables with easy access at all the times. Overall, this is a great bag for travelling overseas or on a short trip.

Number#02 Wandrd Prvke

Next on our list is the Wandrd Prvke bag pack. It’s more of a camera setup-oriented bag pack, however it provides some smart and basic tech features as well. It has an impressive capacity of 31 liters while maintaining a very sleek and low-profile form factor. Primarily it’s a photography bag pack. It comfortably holds your camera gears and protects your lens in special padded housing within it. The roll top expandable top loading compartment in addition to the cubical sections that hold lens and other delicate gears. The main compartment can easily hold a 15-inch laptop along with a 10-inch tablet. When camera gear is neatly tucked inside compartments the top loading compartment is fairly easy to use without the camera gear getting in your way at all. It can also be used to carry some of your clothing accessories, like a pair of shirts, some trousers that’s it, it does not have dedicated clothing compartment as the ERA bag does, nor it can hold a pair of sneakers or shoes. When fully loaded the foot print of the Prvke bag pack is quite smart and can easily be carried around in planes or metro. The shoulder straps are well padded and distribute the weight of the bag pack pretty evenly. A sweat resistant mesh at the back helps with accumulating almost no sweat on your cloths with prolonged usage.

Number#03 Nomatic Travel Pack

Nomatic travel pack, is next on our list. It’s a perfect travel companion for those 2-3 days’ trips. The exterior of the Nomatic Travel pack is designed with strong and meshed water-resistant material and the zippers are guarded in leaf shells that will literally last forever. The amazing bending strap design helps you to transform Nomatic Pack from a shoulder carried bag pack to a brief case style in a matter of seconds. When in brief case mode it easily slips over your roller luggage handle and free up your hands when on the move. The lay flat laptop and tablet compartment make the airport security checks a breeze. These padded compartments can easily hold a 15-inch laptop and a 13-inch tablet. On top of the bag pack, we have flees line pocket for your smart phone, wallet and other quick access items. Other than this on the back we have yet another hidden pocket for some cash and ATM cards. The accessories compartment up front has multiple mesh sections that can hold various accessories and keep them in place while vigorous handling of bag pack itself. Lastly, we have a lockable RFID protected pocket that can be used to guard your digital identity such as machine read passports and other documents. Below it we have a dedicated notebook pocket, a tiny enclosure for pens and multiple mesh and zipper pockets for storing smaller items. There are several cord pass-through holes to run your cables from a power bank to your desired compartment. Lastly, a parameter running zipper can be unzipped to increase the overall carrying capacity by few liters. Overall, it’s a pretty substantial bag pack.

Number#04 AER Duffle Pack 2

The fourth bag pack we want to mention Is an everyday carry style bag pack. We would really recommend the AER Duffle Pack 2, to anyone who demands great value for money and an everyday casual style bag pack to carry around. The Duffle Pack can not only be used for school, college, university or short trips, but also its so subtle that it can be great gym companion. It has a very unique loading design. The duffle style opening reveals the main compartment that is very well padded. Furthermore, it also has a shoe compartment that can easily house a pair of sneakers. The 2 side compartments are lined with water resistant materials so that your items in this section might be protected against sweat and decree. These side pockets can also be used to store small camera gear. It can hold a 15-inch laptop, and cable pass through enhance the cable management inside the bag. In terms of foot print, it has the smallest and smartest foot print out our 5 selected bags and hence it comes out to be an everyday carrier. The shoulder straps are well padded. They are designed carefully to distribute the weight of the entire bag pack very evenly and without causing any strain on either shoulder. The only down side to Duffle Pack is that it more of a longitudinal design, and it can seem to be a bit out of proportion for shorter people.

Number#05 Blackember Forge

For our last pick we have the Blackember Forge. It is one of the few bag packs that can be used as both a shoulder style or a brief case. Everything the Blackember develops and makes feels very refreshing despite of carrying mostly the same design language through years. But to be honest if a design is perfect and well received then there leaves no good reason to change it. This bag is transformable into a smaller capacity bag within a few moments. The materials used are incredible and of very high quality. The way all the slots are laid out in a very genius way so that when the bag is converted into the brief case mode everything remains at its place. The main compartment of Blackember opens in a suitcase style way. The quick access slot is placed at such a clever place that no matter what is the orientation of the bag, it can provide you with your items well sorted. This can be great for carrying your passports and wallet through airport. Despite of having a massive capacity, this bag has a very small foot print, and in no way, it feels bulky or over loaded. The main compartment can hold up to 2 15 inches’ laptop and a 13-inch tablet. There are many other slots as well that are well padded for added protection of your gear. The shoulder straps with the help of waist strap really help distribute the weight of the entire bag pretty evenly.


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