Breaking Bad: Walter White Mentality Explained

Walter White of Breaking Bad series was an innocent chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer who turned psycho to secure his wife and kid’s future. In this article, I am going to break down this amazing yet terrifying bad guy. Stick around.

Breaking Bad was an American neo-Western crime television series that aired from 2008 to 2013 portraying one of the most fascinating characters in Walter White. After White was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, he had to do everything possible including the bad and the ugly to ensure his family would be financially secure after he died.

While he teamed up with Jesse to make this possible, he went through one-off their most badass character arcs. Not in a good way though.

Walter White grew terrifyingly ruthless episode after episode that we just had to make a article that deciphers his mind and ideologies.

First, White really may have wanted us to understand that he wasn’t simply a terrible person but someone who is driven by an impossible situation he can do nothing about. Throughout the series, he may also have been truly convinced he wasn’t just a murderer but someone who wanted to protect his family’s future. The killing and illicit trade was just a way to get by and be part of the business. Unfortunately, every one of his victims and the audience alike think not. As every villain, Walter White tried to put a rationale behind his actions.

Another thing about Walter was that he knew if he had to be top of the food chain, sell as much coke to fulfill his ambition of providing for his family, killing people who got in his wasn’t going to be enough. He knew he had to produce the best product out of everything out there. This is how great minds think. In the series Breaking Bad, even when his partner, Jesse, suggested a lesser quality will still make him more money, he persisted with his ideology. Look at Apple, for instance, they launch new iPhones every 1-2 years to beat every other phone in the market. And you can tell they are making a shitload of money doing exactly that. This is how Walter White goes about his business. In the series, you can see how like Apple, this made him richer as he charged higher for his product.

It wasn’t just about making more money easily; it was also about making sure his head stays on his shoulders. You see, Breaking Bad’s Walter knew that the coke business was indeed a dirty one. Despite how badass he was, he knew that making the best product would keep alive as his distributors wouldn’t want him dead while they make serious money off him. In fact, he knows that these distributors will go as far as protecting him all because he helps them make more money.

Can you imagine this level of mentality?

He calculates every move to get not one but two, three benefits out of a single action.

Despite being a bad boy, Walter White only killed when it was extremely necessary. This is something we notice as the series progresses. He knew unnecessary killing would keep the cops close and difficult to shrug off. Yes, he could kill just about anyone easy but not without a very strong reason that has huge consequences. This was why he cut ties with both his partners, Tuco Salamanca and then Gustavo Fring. Tuco pounded someone to death over literally nothing. Fring sliced open Victor’s throat.

Selling meth already put him on the police radar. He knew if he added mindless murdering to his to-do list, the police will never let him be. And this he knew would put not just him, but also his family and their future in danger.

Yes, murdering mindlessly or not is still a crime but killing people offhand and frequently will no doubt put the cops hot on his trail forever jeopardizing his business.

So, tell us, which one of these ideologies fascinates you the most about Breaking Bad Walter White? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Breaking Bad’s Walter White, who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer becomes a bad boy to secure his family’s future. This article walks us through the mind of Walter White, a truly Breaking BAD badass character in the television series. A section of the audience is awed by him – except for the killing part. We analyze the reason behind every of his actions and realize so many things, which you will find in the article.

Tip: Walter’s action is premeditated in such a way that it benefits him in more than one.

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