Don’t Trust Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are kind of cool. I mean they say stuff like, “confuse them with your silence”. This sounds intriguing, right? However, these guys could be misleading. In this article, I will share with you why you shouldn’t trust motivational speakers. 

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Now, know this, I don’t have anything against motivational speakers. I mean I have gotten one or two pointers from their speeches. Not like any of these drastically transformed my life, but it helped one way or the other. Still, you have to be wary of what they tell you and not try to build your life around their words. Why?

You are unique. This is the number one and probably the most important reason why you can’t trust and rely on motivational speakers. You are unique. Everyone is. So, just because this guy tells you he failed like 10 times before he succeeded doesn’t mean you have to accept failure every time it comes until the 1oth time. 

That guy, whoever he is, comes from a background different from yours. You guys grew up separately dreaming different things. You both experience different tragedies. So, why should you condone failure up to 10 times just because a motivational speaker says so? Yes, I hear. 

Motivational speakers always seem to say the truth. Whatever they say seems so logical that there is obviously no lie behind it. This is 100% accurate. Yeah, most speakers I have to listen to always seem to have common senses and speak true words. 

I know this and more, but what I am telling you is that you guys are two different people. Worse, you could be the opposite of one another. You will have different tolerance levels. Just because a motivational speaker tells you he wakes up at 6 am to start his day means you should too. He is Gary or Steven, and you are YOU!

So, you see. 6 am might be a very sensible time to get up and start your day. Unfortunately, you are not a morning person. So, what if you can’t handle waking up by 6 am? Does that mean you will never achieve the same success as Gary or Steven? Of course not!

OK, let’s say Gary is a corporate worker, and you work primarily online? There are many scenarios. The point I am driving at is you and that motivational speaker are two different people. Don’t build your life around his words or her words.

Albert Bandura who is a psychology guru says that you have to believe in yourself to take risks.  He called this self-efficacy. Listening to these motivational speakers could inspire you, but when it comes to self-efficacy, listening to these speakers may incite the opposite of that. You alone can push yourself to take risks.

For instance, when it comes to buying stocks, we have 3 tiers of risk tolerance: high, moderate, and low. Let’s say you have low-risk tolerance and you hear a guru like Warren Buffett made a very high-risk move in the market. Do you think you will make that same move? Again, you see. It is about that uniqueness. 

So besides taking risks and being unique, why else should you not trust motivational speakers? Well, I have more and one of them is motivational speakers are kind of old news. OK, be honest with yourself. 

Whatever you hear these speakers say seems to be something you can come up on your own or have heard somewhere else before, right? Yes. Except for their pun on words and fascinating stories, you know you have to find your purpose in life, follow your passion, be nicer, be humble. Be this and be that. 

Yes, you have heard it before and you will hear it again? So, why build your life around reenacting a motivational speaker’s life story?

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Motivational speakers are sometimes seen as demigods. I mean, they say cool words and seem to know what to say at the right time. I have taken a few pointers from them myself. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t question everything around us including motivational speakers. Yes, their words make a lot of sense. their stories sound fascinating and you feel like you want to better. But could you really trust them? What about what some of them aim to do is make money off their speeches never truly interested in inspiring people but instead only thinking of nice words to say? 

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