How Magicians Are Fooling Us?

Let’s be honest, magicians actually trick us. Hell, they are not even magicians but kind of like tricksters. We see things that are actually unreal made to look like they are real. In this article, I will share some ideas that prove how magicians are fooling us.

You must have seen magicians pull poker cards from thin air, cut it half and sew it flawlessly together and make them disappear. Check out American Got Talent and you will see loads of this kinda stuff. These guys make handkerchiefs change colors right in front of your eyes or cause your hat to vanish. I mean what?! we call these magic but are these guys truly magicians? Like me, you are probably thinking, well hell no. There’s just no way Merlin could have reincarnated into hundreds of the magicians we see today.

The truth is what you most likely didn’t see or notice after successful magic or trick, whatever were the mountain of secret gadgets including customized modified props like knives and all. Yep! You didn’t think those knives were actually real, did you? These props and other gadgets with their many hidden assistants are used to fool you and unfortunately me also.

But do you know the main goal of every trick? This is simply to avoid being detected as fake. Yes! Every magician isn’t simply pulling a trick to wow the audience. Their priority isn’t gaining fame. Their priority is evading detection.

Now, what does this do?

Automatically, this creates mystery leading to that wow-effect from the audience and finally the popularity.

Magic is always about creating mystery by avoiding detection. What those magicians pull off on shows like American Got Talent is to pull off a trick without being detected knowing that the mystery that comes with this blows off the minds of their audience.

So, you and I are not all of a sudden watching magic. We are being tricked and made to believe it is magic through the mystery effect.

These magicians create illusions. They do this by taking advantage of how we process information and perceive stimuli. Now, for instance, magicians pull out doves from a hat mostly to divert our attention which gives them ample space and removes the attention from the actual trick. While we are hell-bent on figuring how a dove or doves flutter out of a tiny hat, the magician is doing something else. Without our attention, the magician can make mistakes and we won’t even notice.

Some magicians undeniably would like us to believe that they have superpowers and possess magical powers, they don’t. The secret behind all this magic we see always lies in the use of remarkable psychological techniques. Each of which exploits limitations like the dove fluttering to distract the audience to evade detection.

So, these tricks prioritize detection and implement clever psychological techniques like distracting the audience to pull off a successful trick tagged as magic. All the while using the customized gadget to aid the process.

Doves fluttering from a hat could be coming from underneath the table and a prop hat. You see. Without those gadgets or psychological techniques, there is no trick.

Wondering if this is the same for tricks with the use of any props like mind reading for instance?

Hell yeah!

Mind reading is learned from reading books and watching a couple of DVDs. Add some psychological classes and you are good to go. I am not saying this is easy because these magicians put lots of effort into mastering a technique. If you are going to trick hundreds of people, you will have to dedicate a lot of effort to master the trick anyway.  Mind reading is studying the subject in-depth, knowing where to look, questions to ask, and lastly who to ask.

And there you go.

So, tell us, do you still think these guys are really magicians? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Magicians are becoming an actual real thing in the 21st century. I mean, no offense, we saw most of them in movies. But today, we see what we are supposed to tag as magic right in our very eyes, including shows like the American Got Talent i.e Shin Lee. However, we have to realize and ask if these guys are magicians or simply tricksters. In this article, we exposed the tricks behind this “magic” and exactly how these magicians fool us.

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