Top 5 Futuristic Cars

Let’s be honest, some cars are simply magnificent. I know the ones powered by fuel are bad for the environment and all that, but we can’t help staring unashamedly at them. Now, what about futuristic cars? In this article, we will look at 5 futuristic cars that would make you want to go rob a bank and buy all of them.

Number 5.Audi Aicon

At number 5, we have Audi Aicon. If you have watched movies with flying cars, you must have seen something like the Audi Aicon in it. It is glamorous. It was unveiled in 2017. The Audi Aicon is electrically powered making it sustainable and perfect for the future. It is built like a concept car. Well, when it was unveiled it was a concept car with hopes to make it an actual car you can drive on the road by 2021.

The Audi Aicon has four different versions ranging from 435 to 497 miles per charge. The sleek beauty can charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. So, in less than 30 minutes you are running 400 miles or 800 kilometers. That is the definition of the speed of light if you ask me. It is self-driven with no pedals or steering wheel. I mean what more could you ask. With its plush indoor settings and see-through roof, you could just sit back and pretend you are riding first class on an airplane.

You think this car is awesome, wait until you see our number, it is a definition of super, super-awesome.

Number 4.Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr

At number 4 we have Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr. See, we all know Mercedes-Benz is the badass when it comes to car designs. Vision Avtr is just another walk in the park for Mercedes-Benz. Unfortunately, this car is not up for purchase but put it on your to-do list. The Vision Avtr was inspired by James Cameroon’s genius movie Avatar in 2009. This sums things up as I was wondering where the scales-like design came from. Although it was inspired by an old movie, the car like the movie characters epitomize the future.

The Vision Avtr is powered by a battery and not a combustion engine. The battery is graphene-based organic cell chemistry is completely free of rare-Earth elements. The Vision Avtr seat is made from wood and the vehicle floor is made from hand-harvested Indonesian timber. You can drive this car sideways by 30 degrees because both the front and rear axles can either be driven in the opposite direction or simultaneously. Mind-blowing isn’t it?

Number 3.Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic

At number 3, we have another Mercedes-Benz. This time, it’s the Vision Urbanetic. The autonomous vehicle is capable of switching bodies. Although it looks like a small cabbie, the car can carry up to 20 passengers. The base of the car, which does autonomous driving, also carries the electric batteries, Urbanetic’s propulsion system, and it’s motors. The car or let’s say minibus is adjustable. You can either use it to move people or cargoes from place to place. Quite convenient isn’t it? There isn’t much about this car because well, it’s not out yet and Mercedes-Benz didn’t give a clue as to when.

Number 2.The Devel Sixteen

At number 2 we have the Devel Sixteen. In truth, this doesn’t even look like a car you could even ride. It’s something that you might have seen in sci-fi movies that will only remain in sci-fi movies. But alas! It is a real car that you can actually ride on the streets of New York. It takes our number 2 spot because it is one of the top futuristic-looking cars in the world. That’s as of today because some mind-blowing cars are still in production. The Devel Sixteen has a speed limit of 348 miles per hour. That’s more than most cars out there. It looks like a combination of a Ferrari and a space shuttle. But here comes the real deal. When it is out for sale, the vehicles are expected to cost at least $4million. but seriously, what did you expect?

Number 1.Mitsubishi Emirai 4

Finally, at number 1, we have the Mitsubishi Emirai 4. This car is something else entirely. I can’t find the words to describe it. The mobility concept car comes with a heads-up augmented reality display. Attached to this is a 3D mapping. Besides all this, it is autonomous and comes with smart mobile and home integration, haptic feedback control, and biometric authentication. The car is small but incredibly mighty, and it just has to hold our number one spot for now.

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