Why is Joker the Most Dangerous Villain?

Popular entertainment blog, Screenrant, ranked the Joker as the most dangerous villain, and we 100% agree with them. Want to know why? Sit back, relax as I show you why the Joker is the most dangerous villain.

The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, is a beautiful and lovely soul with the devil’s signature all over him. Yeah! After watching Joaquin Phoenix play the Joker, I had to come up with this conclusion. Yes, the Joker is a magnificent and psychopathic being. I wonder how these two personalities can co-exist together but this is exactly what makes him the most dangerous villain.


Let’s find out.

First, I want you to keep in mind that being the smartest or strongest doesn’t necessarily make a villain the most dangerous. Because the Joker is most definitely not the strongest villain or the smartest one but he is dangerous.

Besides Joaquin Phoenix the Joker, Heath Ledger also gave another mind-blowing performance of the Joker which gave us more clues as to who this guy really was beyond what we saw in the comics. The Joker tops the most dangerous villain list because of how powerful he is.

Rewind back to Nolan’s Batman series. Batman lived through fear toxins created by Scarecrow, gotten pounded into the meat by Bane but do you know what capped it all? The Joker used less effort compared to Bane and Scarecrow to totally break the Batman.

And when I mean breakdown of Batman, I am referring to one of the things he cherished most. that is Gotham. So, you see. What is more painful than being alive to witness all you have built and protected run to the ground? Do you know why it is more painful? Because you get to be alive and well and can do absolutely nothing about the ruins around you.

This is what the Joker did without trying so damn hard.

He unleashed a very much revenge-minded Two-Faced, turned the people of Gotham around Batman and proved to every person he was right from the beginning. The Joker made the Batman nothing at that moment. The Batman beat the Joker, but the Joker won the war.

The Joker might not look like much of a threat or have some mind-blowing weapons like Batman or superpowers like Superman or Wonder Woman but everyone in Gotham is afraid of him. This hearing is another reason why he is the most dangerous villain.

Villains fear the Joker because he is unpredictable and can’t be trusted. You both might plan to blow up half the city and the Joker could plant the bomb on you. I mean, there is really nothing that guy can’t do. He does everything and anything! The only villain the Joker listens to is Lex Luthor and even Lexi doesn’t trust the Joker.

Being unpredictable means Batman and the police alike have to come up with new techniques every time to defeat him, which, let’s be honest, they never truly do. The guy will still put off 4 bombs out of 10. This is down to the fact there is literally no method to the Joker’s madness.

This madness also made him have no good reason or any reason at all to cause havoc. The guy just commits murder, fun, or no fun. That who he is. Most villains plan their actions. This could help the protagonist follow their trail and prevent danger. The Joker hardly ever has a plan. This makes him dangerous. What clues would you follow? The Joker could decide to rob a bank and end up holding hostages for ransom just because someone ticked him off. Crazy guy, right?

Another thing is that he is so unstable mentally that the police have got no clue as to what to do with him. This gives him the cover without the watching eyes of the world to cause havoc and create chaos, something he just loves doing.

What do you think? Is the Joker the most dangerous villain? Tell us why you think so or why not in the comment section below.

The Joker is one of the most fascinating and complex characters DC created, including Harley Quinn of course – who happens to be his girlfriend. Well, ex-girlfriend. Despite having other fearful villains in the DC universe, the Joker is the most dangerous of the lot. In this article, we laid out a couple of reasons like the Joker’s unpredictability as one of his assets that makes him extremely dangerous.

Of course, you might disagree, which is why the comment section is open, and we did love to hear your opinions.

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