Why School System Sucks

Half the kids and young people in this world know that schools suck. I believe I said this once to my parents. I mean, didn’t you? However, in this article, I am not going to tell you why I think schools suck but the problems researchers have found about the school system. Stay with me.

Now, let me tell you why school systems suck,

First children are prohibited from moving around. Now, you would think that this is good, right? I mean how would you listen to the teacher if you don’t pay attention, which you can’t obviously do running a marathon in the classroom? 

You see, research shows that it is unhealthy for children to stay still and not move around. Yes. This sounds ridiculous. but it is actually true. Not moving around isn’t just unhealthy for children but also extremely painful for kinesthetic learners. 

No wonder movies seem interesting when I have to go to the bathroom like 4 times. We could recommend that children below ten are allowed short breaks, like 5 minutes, within periods excluding the assigned break time. However, this could be worse, and I will tell you why and how right now.

Besides the unhealthy effects of not moving around, the use of bells to signal periods in school is another point as to why school systems suck. I mean, you have to ring the bells to switch to another subject or go home! But for kids, this is a no, no. Science says humans are animals but it’s a whole new level for kids. 

These tiny, cute, and frustrating beings’ minds operate like those of animals living in the jungle. Studies show that children learn better in their own rhythms. Kids’ brains are wired to work on a project, learn a topic until they are finished. Unfortunately, ringing that bell stops this learning process mid-way. 

Now, imagine what it would look like for slow learners. No wonder, my neighbor’s kid, Ben, who everyone thought would learn better in school was still the same Ben who had difficulty spelling.

Like Ben, there are probably millions of kids who are slow learners and are regarded as dumb when they don’t do well in school. Meanwhile, the school system sucks, which is why it is difficult to learn. 

Another point to take note of is segregation in classrooms. Now, children are often grouped according to their age. Why this seems to make a lot of sense, it doesn’t help people learn any better. 

OK, fielding 6-year-olds, 9 and 10-year-olds are no doubt going to result in issues like bullying and intimidation, which is going to make learning worse. However, research shows that mixing children from diverse age groups and backgrounds kind of helps them learn better.

No wonder it seems like you just enter a whole new world when you walk into your office for the first time after graduation. 

Have you ever picked up a textbook and note that the publication date was during World War 2? Just kidding, but serious stuff, some books are older than both my grannies. No jokes. For real, how is the world in the 90s same as that of the 21st century? 

I mean no one drives pyramid cars like the Citroën Karin Concept anymore. You don’t expect kids to learn and use the books from those times. Yes, some ideas are out of this world that people need to learn about. For goodness sake, these books should be updated and relevant to what is happening now.

I could go on and on about why the school system sucks, but we did love to hear from you. Why do you think the school system is bad or why not?

Tell us all about it in the comment section below, and let’s have a conversation.

School systems suck. We know this, and you kind of do too. Overall, school is a good way to learn. However, the system itself is the problem. Government and private institutions have set up a pattern that is unfortunately not helpful when it comes to making a genius out of someone. In this article, we didn’t share our ideas on why school systems suck. Instead, we reviewed studies that illustrated how and why the system in most and if not, all schools are terrible. Like the use of bells to signal periods and segregation. Wondering how this is a problem? Watch until the end to find out.

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