5 Most Amazing Artist of 2020

The year 2020 wasn’t really a good one. But some artists tried to make it a bit better for us. In this article, I will share the 5 most amazing artists of 2020.

So, who comes at number 5?That would be Drake.

Regardless of the year, the Canadian rapper is one greatest artist. He released the album Drake Lane Demo Mixtapes. The album included 14 mixtapes which featured other artists such as Young Thug, Chris Brown, Playboy Carti, and Giveon. After the album was released, Drake went on to make history as the first male artist to have debuted three singles at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Drake is hoping to make 2021 a successful year for him too after announcing he will release a studio album in January of that year.

So fingers cross. Maybe Drake could actually help his fans escape a couple of times from the problems of the year 2020.

At number 4, we have DaBaby.

If you prefer to ignore the first few months of the year, then DaBaby wouldn’t have been among the top 10 artists of 2020. But we can’t do that, can we? DaBaby quickly made an impression on the world and this masses him thousands spanning to millions of fans. When he entered the music scene, it felt like the rap genre which had been begging for something new got what it wanted. DaBaby went on to make more headlines with his Rockstar single with Roddy Ricch.

Blame It on Me so the 3rd studio album released that year became his second consecutive number 1 album in the US. This was after his 2nd studio album had also topped the chart. The Cleveland born rapper who started off releasing mixtapes from 2014 to 2018 is beyond lucky to be on this list. His successes from 2019 which continued into 2020 put him justifiably on this list.

Number 3 spot belonged to Roddy Ricch.

When the Box single dropped, it didn’t get out of music charts easily. Roddy Ricch’s Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial album which was released in 2019 continued its success into 2020. Roddy Ricch had previously risen to fame back in 2018 after his song Die Young peaked at 98 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In the space of 2 years, Roddy went on to get 9 Grammy nominations, BET award, and other accolades. His past was another thing that intrigues his fans about him. Despite turbulent teenage years, Roddy Ricch made it out.

It would not surprise you that even tried to keep his real name very private until a journalist found it out.

The man coupled with his songs made him popular.

At number 2, we have The Weeknd.

After laying low for a long while, The Weeknd eventually remembered he had fans in 2020. The artist who is notable for his falsetto tone will always stand out anytime he drops a single or an album. OK, I know we are not to blame the Weeknd for abandoning us for a long time after going through strings of breakups then back to his old girlfriend, Bella Hadid. And then broke up with her again. His Blinding Light single which he released late in 2019 stayed on the charts until mid-year mid-year next year. He also released an album early in 2020, which included hit tracks such as In Your Eyes and Heartless.

Topping our list at number 1 is Post Malone.

The way Post Malone dominated charts and hip hop isn’t talked about enough. Since he first entered the music scene with White Invasion back in 2015, he has marveled the world every step of the way and 2020 was no different. Besides music, Post Malone helped raise $5million for the World Health Organization COVID-19 relief fund. So Post didn’t just gain individual success in 2020 but also helped the world in the best way he could to get through the year.

Now tell us, which of these artists are your favorites? Drop their names in the comments section below.

Billboard recently dropped the top artist of the year 2020. There are lots of surprises as some favorites didn’t even make the top 10 list. However, we need to look beyond the last few months of the year. Some artists started the year strong and deserve accolades for that. In this article, we only looked at the top 5 artists of the year and gave a couple of reasons why they are on the list.

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