Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Let’s be honest, some roads are not just terrible but death-scare terrifying. So, in this article, I will share with you some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Zojila Pass in the Himalayas in India

Let’s start with the Zojila Pass up in the Himalayas in India. If one of these roads listed here looks exciting to venture, it would be the Zojila Pass. The Himalayas housed one of the highest mountains, Mount Everest, and the most alive of them all. The Zojila Pass is wrapped around this adventure. 

The road is 11,000 feet up in the Himalayas. It takes you from Ladakh to Kashmir Valley, and most parts of the way are up to 24 meters deep in snow which makes a total of 2 months to clear off completely

Back in 2009, 350 people got stuck in the snow. 11 tourists reportedly skidded off the Zojila Pass in 2012. There have been more and more recorded casualties. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop people from still going through the route. Instead, it makes the whole adventure more exciting. Humans.

North Yungas Road in Bolivia

Now, we have the North Yungas Road. If there is one road with the word “dangerous” written all over it and on every travelers’ lips is the North Yungas Road, also known as the Road of Death. Yes, someone actually cooked that up. This road takes you from La Paz to Coroico, in Bolivia.

Spanning 80 kilometers, up to 300 fatalities were experienced each year up until 1994. There are landslides, rockfalls, cliffs, a narrow road without guardrails. This road has it all. To make matters worse, there are more than 200 sharp turns, which you must take before you get to its end. 

Like that is all there is. If a vehicle accident skids off the road, it ultimately plummets 3000 feet into the Amazon Rainforest.

Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

Let’s take a look at the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan next. This 1500-kilometer-long road is 15,000 feet above sea level. Still not feeling it? Then know there are rockfalls in addition to landslides. Worst of all, avalanches are a frequent occurrence here. Just imagine you travel through the end of winter. It is going to rain boulders and snow. The weirdest downpour ever.

Also, don’t be surprised when you see herds of animals parading up and down the road blocking the way. Reckless drivers are also part of what makes this road dangerous. In case you happen to visit Pakistan and find yourself wandering around, do wander away from the Karakoram Highway. 

This highway took the lives of 810 Pakistanis and 82 Chinese individuals who took part in making the pathway what it is today. Unfortunately, it seems those lives were all for nothing as the Karakoram Highways is still in shambles taking more lives. 

Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

Next on our list, is the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China. In case your trip takes you to the Taihang mountains in the Henan district, you know being a mountain lover and all, watch out for the extreme fog that clouds this particular road. 

The Guoliang Tunnel Road was initially built for a village of about 300 people in China. Can you guess how they did it? Explosives. That’s right. 13 of the villagers blew open the 1.2 km road from the solid rock of a vertical cliff. Tell me, what else can you say that disqualifies the Guoliang Tunnel Road from being tagged as one of the deadliest roads in the world to travel on? 

I mean, it doesn’t have any guardrails so vehicles could easily fall off the cliff, the roads are muddy, which could swallow the tires of a car, and sheer cliffs that could heal your sore eyes. In case none of this happens to scare you away from embarking on this road, remember to check the weather forecast in Henan before heading off. Because, when it rains, trust me, you don’t want to be stuck there.

Besides, we are curious which of these roads do you think should have topped the list? do tell us what you think in the comments section.

Approximately 1.35 million people die each year. That’s 3700 each day. Yes, there are hit and runs, but some of these deaths are a result of undesirable roads. While road trips are inarguably filled with so much excitement, you have to count the fact that some roads actually could plunge you more than 11,000 feet down if the vehicle accidentally skidded off the road. This is no Fast and Furious movie where you could shoot ropes to hang on. The car simply drops off the earth, literally. Check out some of these roads.

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