Most Luxurious Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

Some homes would do it for you. I mean they simply blow your minds off. In this article, I am going to share some of the most luxurious homes that will just blow your mind. I mean that literally.

Keep in mind that we won’t just be looking at the value of the house but everything that came together to make one astonishing home.

Antilia, Mumbai, India

So, the largest house in the world is located in Mumbai, India. It is owned by the Indian businessman, Mukesh Ambani, who is the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited. The Antilia is worth one billion dollars and he lives there with his wife and three kids. Now, these are the reasons why it’s the number one mansion on our list. It is a 400,000 square foot home which has 27 floors with ceilings way high at the top.

Now imagine this, every floor of this building is as high as a two-story building! The Antilia can even withstand earthquakes! The top six floors of the building are reserved for Mukesh and his family. The home consists of guest suites, a grand temple, a salon, a garage that can contain 168 cars, an ice cream parlor, and a movie theatre that can accommodate 50 people.

I mean, who builds these kinds of houses.

Want to know the best part of the house? The snow rooms! Yes, there’s a room that rains down man-made snowflakes. They don’t have to deal with the heat of summer because they’ve got winter indoors!

The One, Bel-Air, California

This home is the most expensive in the entire world but it’s not the biggest. The cost is one reason this house is on our list. Want to know how much this home costs? I’ll tell you. It costs $500 million! Yes! I mean, people just rent two-bedroom homes and they’re fine but this $500 million!

So, The One is a 100,000 square feet hole with about 25 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. The compound is situated high above Bel Air and has a complete 360-degree view. The house is being developed by Nile Niami and he believes that the house is worth the named price.

The One features a master suite, swimming pools, a garage, a theatre and so much more.

Villa Leopolda, French Riviera, France

This home, located in the hills of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, has a breathtaking view of the French Riviera and is considered to be one of the important estates in European history.

This 18-acre villa is the third-largest home in the world and the landmass is equivalent to eight football fields! Here’s a little history about this mansion. It was built by the Belgian King Leopold II and he just paid 1 franc for the land in 1902!  To cut the very long story short, the Villa Leopolda is owned right now by Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian tycoon after he bought it for 300 million euros in 2008.

The house has a garden of about 8 hectares and about 50 workers to take care of it. It also contains 12 pools, 19 deluxe rooms, 14 bathrooms, sports courts, a movie theater, terraces, antique furniture, and the many other luxurious things you would find in luxurious houses! 

Witanhurst, London, UK

For the longest time, this house was known as the house of secrets because the public didn’t know who owned the house. First, it’s a 90,000 square feet house. The mansion is owned by the Russian billionaire, Andrey Guryev and he purchased it in 2008 for 50 million euros. The house is worth about $450 million and has undergone a lot of redevelopment like the extension of the basement. This basement is two stories below the building!

Some people’s houses aren’t even up to two stories!

Other facts about the mansion are that it has 65 rooms which include 25 bedrooms, a study, dining room, billiard room, Chinese room, drawing room, and the ballroom which is one of the largest in the mansion. The ballroom is 70 feet long and 20 feet high, with oak flooring, timber walls, and carved cornices.

Tell us which one of these houses would you love to explore. Tell us all about it in the comments section.

Some homes are built to blow people out of their minds. They are unlike ordinary homes and surpass what you and I would call a mansion or a house. Homes that are beyond selling due to their magnificence. There are many luxurious homes but, in this article, we manage to pick out the best, looking at the cost, history, and every element of the house. While you watch this article, you are allowed to fantasize. Enjoy!

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