Top 5 Diss Track of All Time

Hip hop could be dirty. Diss tracks are an example of that. Wondering what diss track in particular? Not to worry. In this article, I am going to share with you the top 5 diss tracks of all time.

Excited? You gotta be.

So, which diss tracks triumph over every other one? Let’s find out now.

And that would be Tupac “Hit Em Up”, which occupies our number 1 spot.

How? Let me tell you.

First thing first, the rapper behind the song, Tupac, is one of the greatest rappers both dead and alive of all time. So, you would expect whatever diss track he comes up with would be badass right?

Yes, that’s one reason. More than that, sometimes this song just hits every cell in your body. Let me explain better.

OK, I know the article is pretty much hilarious and could be deemed silly but could you picture Tupac recording this song? The guy was angry and you could hear the anger flow through his voice. If you managed to ignore the lyrics, which you can’t by the way, that anger alone tells you it’s a diss track. Tupac was all over Notorious B.I.G for doing nothing after a shooting in front of Tupac studio and claims he slept with Biggie’s estranged wife as a payback.

Tell me, what could be more intense than a legend laying it all out to another legend?

This and more is why Hit Em Up takes our number 1 spot.

Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” takes the number 2 spot.

So, what about this song? Ice Cube, while being top of his game called out former NWA mates and manager. The track was in fact a response. This was after his bandmates shred him to pieces in their own diss track Message to BA, which unfortunately wasn’t as mindblowing as Ice Cube’s track.

Now, No Vaseline went more viral in everything you can think of. It was like Ice Cube heard their song and said to himself “you think I am worthless, wait till I tell the world how much worse you are”.

And you know what? The world enjoyed No Vaseline than Message to BA because Ice Cube wasn’t just only famous among his bandmates. The best in the track was probably the best ever in Ice Cube’s career. He called out all his old friends’ problems and they had no atom of dignity left to respond. This is why the song came at number 2.

At number 3 we have The Story of Adidon by Pusha T.

If you are a hip hop fan, you must have heard this song and will probably only hate it because it called out Drake. But despite all of this, you just have to give Pusha T a thumbs up for the track. It started with Pusha T Daytona track where he dissed almost everyone. Why? I have no freaking clue. Drake responded and Pusha came back for Drake’s head. Do you know why The Story of Adidon blew off the chart? Well, it opened the legend we all thought Drake was. And worse, almost sad little accusation, everything Pusha T said felt 100% accurate.

Number 4 goes to The Warning by Eminem.

I mean can you really make up a diss track list without Eminem on it? The guy thrives on it. The targets here were Mariah Carey and her then-husband Nick Cannon. The Warning was a response to Carey’s Obsessed targeted at Eminem. Seriously? Eminem literally came for her head and that of her husband as a bonus. Like the title, The Warning simply warned Mariah Carey about Eminem, and she never publicly talked about him ever again.

At number 5 we have Remy Ma Shelter on the list.

I love Nicki but after listening to this song it kind of hard to pity her. This song was cold. Remy Ma broke everything that was Nicki in that track. The intensity, the lyrics, and the swag in which she did it all made the year. You know one more reason why this song would hit right in the center? Remy Ma used the beats of another badass diss track. That would be Either by Nas. Combined, Shelter was one of the most brutal comebacks ever.

So tell us, which one of these is your favorites? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Diss tracks are a thing of beauty when the guy being dissed upon is not your favorite artist. Unfortunately, most of the time it is always towards artists we like. There are numerous tracks like this. They include songs that make absolutely no sense and some sense at the same time. They also include tracks that seem like a waste of both the songwriter and the fans’ time. However, in this list, we put together some of the 5 best. Not in this century but top 5 diss tracks of all time.

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