Top 5 Richest YouTubers

Millions of people make millions from YouTube. But who among these guys makes the most? Well, in this article, I’ll share details of the 5 richest YouTube.

Let’s take from the last on the list to the first. You’ll love the suspense, I promise.

At number 5, we have Evan Fong,

The man behind the VanossGaming channel. His distinctive article editing style and amazingness have earned him over 25.4M subscribers on his gaming channel. Guys, if you’re really a fan of great gaming, then there is no way you wouldn’t know this guy. What I can bet that you don’t know is how rich he is. Evan’s net worth is estimated to be about $25 million. Quite impressive, right?  In 2017, he was the second-highest-paid YouTuber. Now, he earns above $11.5 million from his channel. Obviously, YouTube isn’t Evan’s only avenue of revenue. He has an official store where he sells a dozen items ranging from clothes to card decks.

At number 4, we have Markiplier

who is notably one of the richest YouTubers with great comedic gameplay commentary skills. His current net worth is estimated somewhere between $24 million to $28 million. By now, you should know that all this wealth isn’t coming from Markiplier’s 27.3 YouTube subscribers. Instead, he also makes money from his luxury athleisure, twitch streams, YouTube projects, tours, and so on. A very inspiring fact about this rich YouTuber is that he bought a camera with a tax refund to start his YouTube channel in 2012. His efforts really paid off, right?

At number 3, we have Dan TDM,

The British YouTuber who is most famous for setting the Guinness world record of most views on a dedicated MINECRAFT channel. As of 2020, Dan’s channel has over 24 million subscribers and 17.3 billion article views. Currently, his net worth is estimated at over $20 million. Now, how does Dan earn this huge fortune? Apart from the estimated $7.3 million he earns from his YouTube channel annually, Dan also has his merchandise sales, brand deals, and live shows to provide him huge financial supplements.

When great sporting and gymnastics are combined with creativity and a unique sense of humor, the Dude Perfect is what you get. This brand, which is made up of five dudes takes our number 2 spot on our top richest YouTubers of 2020 list.  With 54.3M subscribers, Dude Perfect earns an estimated $12million from their YouTube channel per year. But trust me; these guys have other avenues like their TV shows, apps, endorsements, merchandising, and so on. All of these give Dude Perfect an overwhelming net worth of $30 million. By the way, have you guys ever wondered how our favorite dudes usually come up with their trick shots? 

Whew! we’ve come a long way! Now to the sweetest part of today’s article-, PewDiePie is undoubtedly the number 1 richest YouTuber in the gaming industry. You don’t believe me? I can convince you in just seconds. 

As of 2020, PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated to be between $40-$50 million. Though his annual YouTube income is above $12.2 million, PewDiePie obviously has other sources of income. A great amount of his revenue comes from his brand deals and the sales of his book titled, This Book Loves You. The Swedish YouTuber is also a proud owner of numerous houses, both in England and japan


PewDiePie was once the most followed YouTube channel before being overtaken by an Indian company, T-Series. However, he remains the only individual YouTuber with the highest subscribers of over 106 million. PewDiePie’s great sense of humor and energetic commentating when live streaming, seems to be the reason for his increasing fan base. Do you agree with me? Well, that’s all we’ve got for you today about these highly rich YouTubers.

Now that you’ve heard about their earnings, do you agree that these YouTubers be called, “the richest?” Tell me in the comment section below, and let’s have a conversation.

Today, I’m going to be revealing the top 5 Richest YouTubers with the most successful careers that the YouTube community has ever seen. From cars and mansions to designer shirts, the fortune of these YouTubers has given them unlimited access to all of these luxuries. Sound mind-blowing, right? Watch the article to find out so much more.

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