Who Are the Highest Paying Hollywood Rappers?

Rappers are paid thousands and millions of dollars to perform. This we know very well. But just who are the highest-paid rappers? In this article, we will look at the highest-paid rappers. Don’t go anywhere. Well, you can, just make sure you come back.

So, just who are these rappers pocketing millions just rap?

Before we jump into the list keep in mind that we are focusing on the highest-paid rappers, not the richest.

Topping the list is unsurprisingly Kanye West.

I mean could that be a surprise? Despite Kanye West’s awkward moments in the media like that Taylor Swift’s charade or his Presidential campaign speech, when it comes to music, Kanye West is a genius. We all know rap songs are more than bitches and making money. Kanye West is one of those rappers that made us realize that. His lyrics and music articles stand out. Sometimes crazy like the Famous article, they always stand out and seem to always have an underlying meaning. This and many other reasons why Kanye is the highest-paid rapper earning $150million.

Down a number at 2 is Jay Z.

like Kanye, this too shouldn’t be a surprise. Like Kanye also Jay Z brings more to the rap game than trying to find a very badass beat to go with dead lyrics. One reason for Jay Z success making him the second-highest-paid rapper was his On the Run II tour he went on with his wife Beyonce. Regardless of collaborating with his wife, Jay Z is a standout performer and his numerous Grammy nominations and wins are a statement of that. He ranks second at $81million. 

Next up is no other person but our Champagne Papi.

Drake comes as the 3 most paid rappers. While Kanye West and Jay Z might have gained more popularity due to their many, many businesses, Drake had to depend on music to stay in our minds forever. Drake, who is currently worth $150million, isn’t only one of the highest-paid rappers but also the rapper with the most number 1 on the US Hot Rap Songs chart with fifteen hits. So, you see, Drizzy very much deserved to be one of the highest-paid rappers in the world with such success which is no small feat. Drake currently earns about $75million just $6million shy of Jay Z, who took the second spot.

With Drake as the 3rd highest paid rapper,

Diddy takes the number 4 spot. Unlike Drake, Diddy has been in the rap game longer. And over time, he worked his way to the top. Most of the money he earns in music comes from managing his record label Bad Boy Records. And he makes a whole lot of millions of dollars out of this. As we know, Diddy cooks up a track every now and then and this put him on the list of the highest-paid rappers at $70million. Just $5million less than drake. Know that Diddy like Kanye West and Jay Z don’t even need the money from music to be millionaires. 

Number 5 on our list is Travis Scott.

Travis undoubtedly had a blast year. His album Astroworld kind of blew the internet charting number in several countries. And this success reflected in his tour. Astroworld tour bagged him$53.5million according to Forbes. Back in 2018, Celebrity Worth reported that Travis Scott earns $50 per minute, $3,000 per hour, and $70,000 per day. This is just crazy. Travis Scott earns a lot of respect for his music like Kanye West, he kind of thinks outside the box when it comes to his music articles. At number 5, Travis Scott earns $58million. Although a long way from fourth place but remarkable on its own.

These are the top 5 highest paid rappers in the game. Let’s make a quick rundown all the way to number 10. At number 6 we have Eminem who earns $50million. Number 7, we have a surprise, DJ Khaled, earning $40million. Kendrick Lamar takes the 7th spot with $38.5million. Migos at number 9 with $38million and Childish Gambino at number 10 with $35million.

Now, tell us in the comment section, which of these rappers would you say is the best and why? 

There is a lot of money in music and rappers take a cut of it. We do know that some rappers are geniuses and some are finding their way there. However, one of these guys is paid more for their effort. In this article, we will find out the highest-paid rappers. You will find a couple of surprises on the list and some guesses that you might probably get right. Watch until the end to find them all out.

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